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Ascension Mastery Courses (four part) on New Earth One Network

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Ascension Mastery and how to achieve it

While I’ve been describing the dimensional experiences I have, I’ve advised others that they can do the same thing with the proper alignment. How do you get your awareness of the magic around us to the same level as mine? 

It was in October of last year (2021) when I was first asked after sharing my extraordinary experiences publicly – what can you share that will benefit the rest of us? I was unprepared with an answer in that moment as I was focused on trying to make sense of what was happening around me. Little, if any of my attention was being directed at the bigger picture of those beyond just myself.

Since then, I had been asked in two more interview scenarios – what can you share with the rest of us? My higher perspective always emphasized that in order for anyone to experience multidimensionality, it first required alignment. I received my answers through the Ascension Handbook and posted it for anyone else to harvest. I had always thought of the Handbook as a valuable tool and I have directed many to that resource but I failed to connect the dots on what my purpose was to be. Now, Lowell – that you comprehend the entirety of the Ascension process, it’s your obligation to help others that are ready to fully understand it too. 

Unbeknownst to me the Universe was threading together a solution for helping larger groups of souls to come together as study groups and deep dive into the vast information contained in the Ascension Handbook. I’ll be focusing my time and experience to help mentor others through their Ascension orientation. 

New Earth One NetworkIt seems as though divine timing has arrived and after a wonderful interview with Lauren Galey, I’ve been invited to join the faculty and teach Ascension Mastery in four (4) two-hour sessions guiding participants through what I’ve come to know. The events will take place on the New Earth One Network platform as Live events taking place over four consecutive weeks. Sessions will be recorded for future replays. 

Join me for a YouTube broadcast announcing the courses set to begin Saturday, April 9, 2022 @ 12PM PDT on the New Earth One Network. 

I’ve heard from souls around the world … here is where we can all come together and master our abilities together.

Click here for an outline of the four-part curriculum 


Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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Many of you have asked how we can connect

Looking to book some time one on one? Use the link below to book an appointment for an ascension consult, an energetic vortex tour, a hike to sacred spots or a meditative multidimensional visit to Telos. Small groups (4) are welcome. Time and day based on availability. 

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Starbuck’s Dimensional Adventures is available now

You can stop asking me when a book may be coming … it’s here.

Telos, the Lemurians, Mt Shasta’s magic, Light Beings, and more are included in this work of non-fiction. Lots of images showing proof of my experiences are in the book as well. I chose to self-publish my work so I had creative control with no delays other than my own. The site is designed for printing books, so when you see the pricing it is determined by the number of pages and quality of color. If you are already a fan of digital books, then my recommendation is to choose the PDF ebook version for $5.99. Unless you really want to hold a physical book, this is the way I’d go. 😎

Here is the link where you can find it immediately and beginning Sept 5th, it will also be available on Amazon.’s-dimensional-adventures/948736

Thanks to all of who have been so supportive.