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Where can I find those images you’ve created

Energetic Light Portals within Earth

“Mesmerizing, I can’t stop looking at them”

Yes, that how I felt when I was creating them, but it was someone else who put that thought into word form. I looked through many versions and couldn’t make up my mind as to which one I liked the best, hence 52 images later I began to share a few on social media. Then I posted all 52 on the 40kftview website to share cosmically (my audience isn’t limited to this world).

Spirit sent two messengers to help me put these interpretations out there for others to ponder and look inside the designs and codes within them. All Divinely inspired indeed. First Luis came along to trigger the beginning of this effort and Michaela followed right behind with a solution to put them out there for the world. Now what’s so interesting to me is I don’t really consider myself an artist but I know how to make technology work for the right purpose. More endearing to me is the fact the both people I mentioned here are incredibly gifted graphic artists on their own merits and when it triggers them – I was supposed to pay attention. So as is the Capricorn in me, I was going to labor over the processes to get them in the proper format (how do you take an image and upscale it to a hi-rez version for printing?) As is always the case my learning curve was accelerated and it took the better part of Sunday to move them from an iPad to a computer powerful enough for the task, learn the method to upscale and then upload the finished version to Whew 😥

Based on Michaela’s advice it would be a great place to widely distribute them for wall art for home or office. It was amazing to see those aren’t the only choices – there is a variety of apparel and other items that these can be made with these images including socks 😎.

As for the the representations themselves, if you don’t believe that there are energetic portals within the planet .. just ask Tracy, Sal or Barry who joined me on one of my hikes – went off on their own, and found their way back in an inconceivable way that defied time and distance. There is definitely magick on Mt Shasta and now those non-hikers experienced it for themselves.

I am grateful to be the vessel that gets to bring these to life and share them with others who have been triggered by seeing the images for themselves.

I’ve also included in the same gallery the images of Telos, the hydroponic gardens and the other images that many people loved as well. Those are also available for you on the same site.

Here they are and you’re welcome 😎

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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Telos, the Lemurians, Mt Shasta’s magic, Light Beings, and more are included in this work of non-fiction. Lots of images showing proof of my experiences are in the book as well. I chose to self-publish my work so I had creative control with no delays other than my own. The site is designed for printing books, so when you see the pricing it is determined by the number of pages and quality of color. If you are already a fan of digital books, then my recommendation is to choose the PDF ebook version for $5.99. Unless you really want to hold a physical book, this is the way I’d go. 😎

Here is the link where you can find it immediately and beginning Sept 5th, it will also be available on Amazon.’s-dimensional-adventures/948736

Thanks to all of who have been so supportive.