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The Dimensions Beyond Death Lecture

Dimensionality and Related Topics

I don’t normally suggest you sit for a video that lasts 1 1/4 hours but this is worth it for you to explore:

  • Dimensions
  • Reincarnation
  • Akashic records
  • Consciousness
  • Lifetimes
  • Dreams
  • Lessons
  • The Soul
  • Auras
  • Karma


I had saved this from last year and today was the day I was supposed to hear it. When I did, I realized that however long ago Mr. Hall recorded this lecture, it matched the conclusions I’ve reached following each one of those concepts.

Last year among the multidimensional experiences I had was an episode with Elias the Artist (Elias Artista) who came to visit me when I needed some answers. That was one that happened in rural Alabama, the day after a YouTube video title containing the word “Alchemy” caught my attention. I had been drawn to a better comprehension of the phenomenon, so I was drawn to listen and it was where exactly I would find out who Elias was, who had visited me the night before. 

The lecture was given by Manly P. Hall.

The Dimensions Beyond Death – Manly Hall

Who is Manly P. Hall?

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, astrologer and mystic. He is best known for his 1928 work “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”. Over his 70 year career, he gave thousands of lectures and published over 150 volumes.

Why do I push this information out? Because it appears we are hungry to digest as much as we can about the metaphysics part of our being that we are triggered by.

If any of these topics are of interest to you follow this link:

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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