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Thoth Speaks: Humans and Death 220927


Thoth Speaks – Humans and Death

Lowell is a human – just like you. I say that so you can begin to digest that what is being revealed to me – all the magick, multidimensional experiences and Divine guidance I’ve received are within us all if you’d only stop and quiet yourself enough to listen to what is being presented to you. There’s where the magic exchange takes place.

Thoth is beginning to express himself through me in ways meant for everyone to hear, but he doesn’t suffer fools – he has no time for that. He returned as he said he would to assist in the ascension of Gaia, not specifically for humanity. Although humanity will definitely benefit from realizing their vibration must match their surrounding environment to function within it – that is not his focus. He would just as soon point his wand in your direction and turn you into stone as not. (He’s only had to do that once in the past and the immediate audience got it!) So what I’m guided to allow him to bring through is this (and he has much to say about the current state of things) … death is inevitable dear human. It’s part of the process of being human. It is not the end of your existence. Your soul is immortal, living from incarnation to incarnation in this 3D experiment. When one’s life begins and then we “die” – we return to the Angelic Realm for our next incarnation with our next soul contract in this density or we ascend to the next dimension where all of our friends and relatives are waiting. It saddens me a bit when I see people grieving the loss of their loved ones when you don’t seem to realize you’ve lost nothing. Their souls too, go on just like us to contribute to the evolution of the Universe and their individual journeys.

Starbuck’s Mystery SchoolWhat’s different for me as opposed to your current situation is that I get to straddle dimensions and go from this 3D construct into the 4th (and higher) dimensions to come back here and report what I’ve seen and experienced.  What makes me different from you fundamentally is nothing – I am formed from the same human makeup as you. It’s my awareness that expanded past yours to see that which you can’t see yet – but certainly resonate with when you hear my accounts.

Earth is heading to a new beginning we’ve heard of and are waiting for New Earth to manifest – and I know you all recognize that. We FEEL it and it is happening now. However, in order for something new to come forward something must end. It is part of our cycles of Life. But I stress – it is not your end, immortal soul.

I’ll stop here to allow you to assimilate what you’ve read. Consider this perspective if it is new to you and see if what I’m bringing to your attention makes sense to you or not. I (and more importantly Thoth) have much more to address. He has much to say about the current conditions on earth after he left it, having helped Egypt flourish into the powerhouse it became and he left it for humanity to take the reins from there. Then man seems to have again, gone by the way of the downfall of Atlantis without having learned its lessons. This time with Earth’s independent ascension, time is running out to learn the lessons before our vibration no longer just automatically matches that of the planet. Gaia is ready to move into her new space with or without all of humanity. Some of us already do – some of you are still in the process and some will never get it. The clock is ticking toward the inevitable day that this finally manifests. The Lightworkers that have been here working to enlighten others know the time to wake up the rest of humanity has passed – that is how close to the next ascension we are – rather they are here to help those who already get it and are seeking a trigger to unlock the next level of their awareness. Here is where Tribe is finding each other gathering together.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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