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What to consider to keep your vibration high

There’s a topic that has taken more of my attention than I would choose and so I’m compelled to address it. 

I am asked frequently about “keeping a high vibration” and how I do it. In order to experience the higher dimensional phenomena waiting to connect with you – your vibration must match (or exceed) that of which is around you. If there was ever a time when those resources are trying to show you perspectives from a higher plane – it’s now.

It’s best to begin to reinforce not so much an idea – but more of a fundamental certainty that what you put out to the Universe is in fact, what you receive back in abundance. 

Thoughts DO become things. Your words have great power – they are charged with your intent and whether you realize it or not, they will be returned by a benevolent Spirit waiting to meet your requests. When our focus is on negative thoughts – what would you expect to receive? Does it make you feel joyful or not? Your vibration is a barometer of your feelings and doesn’t come from our minds – it comes from your heart core and is reflected in the Light you put out. It’s nurtured by what you allow in to influence your feelings. 

I’ve become aware of others telling my story and its just like when we played “telephone” when we were younger. The story takes on different aspects depending on the story tellers perspective. There seem to be layers of truth that get altered as the story gets passed along. I’m sure you can understand why I want to hear from the source and not someone else’s account of it. 

Violet Flame Lately for me, too many instances of someone trying to posture themselves as authorities telling me of earth’s history, ET history, dark influences, etc that have had an impact on humanity’s succession – I just have to walk away from hearing it. What purpose in raising my vibration does listening to the negative side of our experiences serve? Speaking for myself – it does NOT raise my vibration. It’s been argued that we should all know what happened in the past and there’s a certain amount of sense to that – but in the end again I ask to what end? Do I feel encouraged and enthusiastic about what lies ahead or does it make me sad for us and in some cases angry about what has happened – some to the degree that we want “a pound of flesh” for the injustices done. When that sentiment surfaces we’ve just dropped our optimism and there goes your vibration. Examine how you feel when you hear about this “history” and you’ll know exactly why your vibration is what it is. 

Whether you also realize that you are co-creating your world, your vibration contributes to the collective thought. I have had to tune out those who want to tell me about warnings they feel compelled to tell me and I refuse to let that energy inside my field. I’m focusing my energy on new earth and her promise of oneness reimagined for humanity. Even the thought that I am a “warrior” of some kind conjures images of something that needs to be fought. There is no fight associated with Ascension. That is a 3D model buried in duality and if you claim to have connection to higher perspectives – you already know that. 

If you comprehend how close we are to the Shift materializing looking back into history really isn’t serving us at all. I was reminded today of Buddhist beliefs – that being to live in the moment. Not the past – not the future. Fix in your minds the world you want and it will manifest. That has been proven to me over and over. 

So if you want to rehash all the lousy things that have taken place – you’ve lost my attention and I’ll continue to hold the space you clearly refuse to in hopes that mine will rally support for New Earth.  

While some of you still want to talk about the bad shit humanity has experienced that we are in no position to change except to chart a better course … I’ll be snoozing those and dropping many potential followers. I’m not in this for popularity and “likes”. I’m in this for Gaia and the smaller group of those who want something better. There’s where you can meet my attention at higher dimensional levels – not stuck in the muck of 3rd dimensional existence. 

Thought for the day: If the Shift were tomorrow … does your vibration get you to New Earth? It’s all up to you, Sovereign Being. 

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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