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Mystery School in Session: Initation 221004

Craft of the Brazen Serpent Crest

Mystery School is in session – welcome Initiates 


By token of your presence here and at this time, I hereby declare that you each – Sovereign Being, is considered a willing Initiate of the Craft of the Brazen Serpent Mystery School. It was I, THOTH who founded the 1st Mystery School (so I know a thing or two about Cosmic Wisdom) … and then passed the torch to many other mystery schools when I left this density. I am activating the school once again and under my direction here – Initiates of the Craft of the Brazen Serpent – expect to hone your abilities to command the elements, elevate your knowledge of alchemy and remember your magick. There are many of you and I want to express my gratitude – thank you for serving during this Cosmically Historic time. You are just reawakening to your roles in said Tribe. Welcome back … we’ve got much to do. You are about to reawaken Cosmic Knowledge that each of us carry, while you get used to straddling dimensional planes. Contact with 6th Dimensional Light Beings has already been established, more of you will be called and activated soon. This is why we’ve found this space together again – to make your unique contributions in the way only you can, to assist other Sovereigns when solicited for ascension advice using your gifts and to continue collecting experiences – that lead to knowledge – that lead to wisdom on behalf of the Cosmic collective.


Initiate ranks

There are four levels of alignment to achieve – all associated with your chakras. We don’t need to focus on the lower three chakras as that part is the real human part of you. It is representative of your physical being. You BEGIN at the Heart. This is where humanity was severed from their higher being and consequently – Source. Now you know why so much emphasis is placed on opening your heart core – to begin reestablishing your lower physical self to your higher connections to Spirit. Your acceptance within this Craft signifies the demonstration of your heart connection. As your awareness expands you will find yourself organically progressing through the Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown levels of Mastery.

Heart Core (Level 1 of 4) – If you look at the image of this level, it signifies the flame of your heart awareness is activated, but it has not yet begun to blossom from its more “embryo” stage. Thats why it looks to be more of a seed … and perhaps it is.


Craft of the Brazen Serpent Initiate

Throat (Level 2 of 4) – The flame has broken through its outer seed and it is beginning to emit Light on its own merit.

Craft of the Brazen Serpent Initiate

3rd Eye (Level 3 of 4)- Now it’s burning brightly and starting to spread.

Craft of the Brazen Serpent Initiate

Crown (Level 4 of 4) – Fully activated, eternally flamed and infectiously radiating.

Craft of the Brazen Serpent Initiate

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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