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The Protector of Gaia Has Awakened – Why Now?

At this stage of my Life – Why am I coming forward with this?

It’s called holding space.

For a lot of you.

I’m waiting for you to catch up. Some of you realize it now, some of you don’t – yet. 🤗

Fact is, I too am catching up to a lot of things I’ve been recalling recently at a pace difficult to keep up with – things are manifesting at an almost instantaneous rate. My life hadn’t been fashioned around spirituality … this adventure appeared and started for me late 2015. Certainly not decades of study or experience.

And maybe that is what will make these circumstances with me all the more plausible for everybody. I’m just a regular guy with some newly elevated connections. I’m not in this for self-promotion, or clicks or impressions … my YouTube channel stands as testimony to that. I never wanted to be a talking head and spoke only when asked. Now however, it’s my task to round up the Lightworkers to prepare for the Shift and I’ve been guided to speak boldly and freely.

I thought I’d be traveling, enjoying nature after a career of hospitality and oh, I have that but what other chores the Universe has assigned to me are clear.  I am obligated to share what I know with others who are ready for their own triggers of recall. The time for me to show you how to Light the place up with your unique gifts is now and you will know if you resonate with what I am guided to present. Once I show you the proof you have been looking for – then my obligation has been satisfied and it is up to your own discernment what to make of it. 😎

What you are about to read will seem to many from their current perspective as fiction. I assure you, it is not. The accounts I’ve written certainly tax one’s believability quotient – but that doesn’t make them any less true. We all wish to experience miraculous things and yet when such events do not fall within what we already know, doubt casts in and we rule out the very things we’ve asked to be shown. 🤷🏼‍♂️

This journey I’ve found myself on has been recent and totally different than the life I knew professionally and personally. But something was drawing me in to follow every rabbit hole with new revelations of what is really happening to the planet and all sentient life on her.

In order for you to begin to comprehend what I’m about to share, I’ll be referring to the concepts of ascension and dimensionality, reincarnation and past lives. If I’ve lost you already, you may not be ready for the truth that follows – now. But without knowing anything else about what is going on in the world, its easy to see that changes in the earth’s form are frequent and that the duality divide between humanity’s opposing ends has grown to the point of no compromise. Only a reset to all of it will resolve our differences and help us to move to the next level of ascension that has been cosmically cycling.

Earth as a planet is ascending and we are right at Endgame. Contrary to the thinking of some – the idea that humanity had to wait for the collective human consciousness to tip the scales in favor of Gaia’s ascension is a misnomer. Earth is in a cosmic cycle between 3rd and 4th dimensions and her ascension was already cast in the Universal scheme of things. Humanity’s intentions were never a prerequisite to ascension to the next dimension, we (and all other sentient life) are just along for the ride. When Earth’s rise in consciousness finally manifests, our ascension is dependent on our vibration (we are all energetic beings) and when our vibration matches that of our surroundings, we can experience everything at that level, including connection to higher dimensions.

I experience connection to the higher realms and already benefit from knowledge and abilities beyond what is considered “normal” for humans. It is beginning to happen to more and more people “awakening” and … at a remarkably accelerated rate. There’s been an unconscious reason I documented the adventures that contributed to my awareness bandwidth broadening and they all stretched my belief systems. But now I have a road map of how I restored higher dimensional abilities for myself – that we all have waiting within us.

I hope you find some breadcrumbs or a key to recalled knowledge for your own journeys.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

The Protector of Gaia




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