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Starbuck’s Ascension – How I spent my Multidimensional Summer Vacation 2021 – Part 2

Starbuck’s Accelerated Ascension journey – May to October 2021

Part Two.

July – August

When I returned to Santa Rosa from Mt Shasta, I had plenty to assimilate. Things surfaced that needed to be resolved or dissolved. Cords to cut. Vibration to hold. Alignment to maintain. One of those cords to either cut or snug up required a trip to Alabama where a piece of my heart still had space. It’s a part of my personal space I don’t share with others and I only make this exception as it set the stage for a multidimensional encounter in a rural Alabama Airbnb farmhouse.

I thought I was going to potentially restart a relationship, that the two of us had been communicating about for a few weeks by now. We had met while I was consulting in Louisiana and the time we spent together was special. It was time to have this discussion face to face, so I made arrangements to take in consideration the driving distance, her schedule and a quiet place to meet as soon as possible. In the end, I learned was going there for different purposes.

CA is a CNA in a busy rural hospital in western Alabama. She is a Capricorn, a Service to Others being and doesn’t like being idle. She works three consecutive 12 hour 7P-7A shifts beginning Sunday. In spite of drastic shortages in staffing at her place of employment, supervision with less than the utmost regard for her contributions and little to say about conditions other than just comply to keep your job … she loves her work and the people she helps. The plan was … I’d arrive Tuesday night at the farmhouse and be there when she got off work around 7:30A the next morning. I’d be here until the next Sunday so we had 5 days together to see what was in store for us.

When she arrived the next morning I helped her unload but I was fully aware she’d be exhausted after working 36 of the last 72 hours. It wasn’t like I hadn’t just driven 2300+ miles to get here – so we decided to just catch up on rest. When we started stirring late afternoon to get up and around, it made sense to just spend time on the couch, watch movies and reconnect. But she woke with a bit of a headache in the afternoon and she felt like she was getting a bit congested. She explained that the last night of the three, her floor became a Covid level overnight as the Delta variant just happened to make its appearance while I was there. In retrospect, she is fairly certain she knows which patient she assisted coughed in the wrong manner and to make a lengthy few days short – by Thursday we had confirmation from her work that she tested positive.  By mid afternoon Friday she tried to tough it out as I had come a long way but her symptoms were getting more acute and it only made sense that she return home to her own bed with her comforts around her and begin to work through the recovery process. It should be noted that at no time during this period around her did I experience any ailments at all and to make certain, had a Covid test in Baton Rouge on Tuesday that came back negative. There are a variety of reasons why I know I wasn’t susceptible to sickness and I never really gave it a second thought. In my understanding any virus needs to find a malady to compromise – my system doesn’t have any. 

Now I told you that story to tell you this story:

Friday after CA left – I lost it. I cried out ‘WTF Universe …’ ? What am I doing in a rural farmhouse in Alabama? Because it certainly wasn’t what I thought I was coming here for. From 5-10PM I laid on the day bed with the TV providing white noise, where she had spent most of the week slipping in and out of sleep – hoping I could get some rest of my own. I must have finally dozed off and was facing the back of the day bed, when just before midnight my higher senses were coming online. During multidimensional experiences I have, the environment always seems to carry the scent of sage. It’s always sage. And I was sensing it now. 

I turned around to face the room and there he is, sitting in a chair at the table so I see him seated in profile. The Etherium is open and he’s mixing red with white. He is wearing a simple hooded frock that looked hemp-like and looked what I expect Merlin would look like. Long white hair and flawless features.

Who are you?

[ My name is Elias, I’m here to answer to your call. Know that you have multidimensional resources you can command when you are in alignment. I came to offer my support and pay my respects to a Sage: the Protector of Gaia. Summon your strength – we’re almost there. You know what you carry inside of you from the Andara spiral. Use it.

  • You’re about to prove to yourself your powers of transmutation – it was one of the unconscious reasons for your trip. Heal your loved ones is who you are – remember? She could use your skill set mindful that she is in total control of her being. You are here to heal her. 


Keep your vibration high, many who don’t realize it yet will be counting on you to explain ascension and what they will go through very soon. But you know that and I’m here to share a potion Alex suggested with white and red Etherium. You will remember the formula once you’ve experienced it, but you don’t need it. You already know the alignment of your heart core and Source. But so you will have something to remember this moment between us by, take this. Lie back, close your eyes and in a moment- you will feel a sensation from your core through your crown. ]

Add Clairkinetic (the ability to feel the angels, guides and beings in other dimensions, getting a physical sensation in or on the body to indicate that another presence is making a connection) to the list of newly recalled abilities. 👀

During that journey I spent time in Merlin’s chamber seeing Alchemy and Magick. 

Saturday morning: a YouTube lecture on “Alchemy as a Key to Social Regeneration by Manly P Hall” came to my awareness and connected the dots on who is Elias the Artist (Elias Artista)

Elias the Artist is mentioned at the 30:07 mark in the presentation and it goes as such:

[ “In the old Alchemical system there was a mysterious being called Elias the Artist. Elias is the patriarch referred in the Bible as one who went to God without death. And this mysterious power – Elias the Artist would come in the night to some alchemist who was considered worthy and would give him the secret or forgive him perhaps a few grains of the elixir of life or the transmutation. Would stay a little time and then disappear and never be seen again. And in each case the Elias power left some proof behind it. It left evidence to the chemist himself that there was an answer. That there was a solution. And in some cases as in the case of Sendivogius, this powder actually was used by him to transmute base metals and apparently physically he believed at least that it accomplished this end. Or was it true that Sendivogius also knew and put into symbolism what this powder really was. That it was not there to transmute base copper, bronze or iron but to transmute base ignorance, superstition or fear into the realization of truth.“ ] Taking the time to listen to the actual presentation is well worth it to fully understand these types of connections between dimensional beings.

I was expected back in the Santa Cruz mountains by Friday and that gave me a few days of Divine time with family in Baton Rouge. When I arrived back at Mickey’s compound sometime mid afternoon things were about to be put into motion I didn’t see coming for me. I was about to make the acquaintance of an Old Hawaiian Kumu (teacher) who was intentionally placed in my path. I hadn’t met her before and knew nothing about her, but she knew about me, my dimensional Telos experience and things about myself I didn’t yet know. She planned to be at Mickey’s that day where unbeknownst to me, we would finally meet. Now Mickey and Kumu had history and they have worked together in their healing work especially using Andaras. Her purpose is to use her gifts to “Malama the Aina” Malama = Heal; Aina = Land.

After a pleasant afternoon with everyone on the deck at Mickey’s – where life in the Enchanted Forest takes place, around 5PM, Kumu invites me over to where she’s near some huge healthy plants and taking pictures. The pictures are capturing Light Beings she’s called and she is able to photograph them among the leaves. She tells me to stand with my arms around the plant’s auric energy and she continues to take pictures. Moments later, she shared the images she had just taken with me and sent them to me. They showed a physical Light interaction between myself and the being. Later I will learn, that this was a test of some type and without having satisfied this condition … what was to follow the next day (and consequently in Mt Shasta later in the month) wouldn’t have taken place.

I could “hear” the vibration when these beings are in the vicinity and it took a few experiences for me to realize that. In terms of the Light itself as you will see … it is quite visible to the naked eye and dense.

That was Friday. We had plans the next day to spend some time working on updating Mickey’s site to make the acquisition of Andaras easier for everyone. Then there came a call mid-morning – Kumu is returning. No one at the time knew why but she would be here just after noon.

Now Kumu usually travels with an entourage of students and colleagues, but today it was just her and one student. When she arrived, they brought a feast of Chinese food suited to feed dozens and a number of protective travel cases. These cases held artifacts that few people ever get to see, much less hold or photograph. They were 30K+ years old and had codes inscribed everywhere on them that appeared Annunaki. Three of these relics were ceremonial pipes that were about to be put to use. Kumu had brought some sacred medicine from her ancestral land in Hawaii that was going to help guide me – we were about to go through a ceremony establishing further contact with higher dimensional Light Beings on the Andara Spiral. Late in the afternoon, Kumu invited Mickey and I down to the spiral to stand behind the angel statue next to the Goddess Stone in the center. While we were there she photographed the phenomenon around us documenting different apparitions of how dense the Light Beings were.

Immediately after we were sitting on the wall along the side of the spiral and she continued to capture what dimensional phenomenon was occurring. This time the light was different and a blue light swept into place. At first glance it looks as though I am holding something with both hands … and what it captured was a snake form representing Shiva rising to protect me. As much as it all sounds like it should mean something at this point in time, I’ve got no idea what any of this amounts to.

Before Kumu leaves today, we talk about our overlapping visits to Mt Shasta in a few weeks and make plans for connecting there.

When I leave Mickey’s on Sunday, I had reached out to Kathy, who is an Oracle in her own right. Her vocation had included emergency room nursing and now she administered a facility. Her real gift (and passion) is her ability to help others find past life connections using QHHT training. But Kathy’s intuitive nature had already possessed these skills to deep dive because she is deeply empathic. I wanted her feedback on what had taken place and so she agreed that she would take me into a session and we would see what came of it.

I saw the Blue Cobra encircling me and posed facing me without fear of threat. It felt protective. That was all I saw. Kathy, however, came back with something more …

She saw something Egyptian

[ She asked: “Who is Lowell?” … she saw a sarcophagus tomb in shape of body … leaning against the wall … coming to life … “Wake up” … “Why Lowell?” He’s royalty … he’s a king.

Cobra (for protection) Blue light … light energy to use … can direct that energy. Why the cobra … grid in sacred geometry inside a square … someone pulling on something around Lowell’s heart and the cobra came forward and stopped it. ] 

My plans included presenting at Rob Potter’s August Summit at the end of the month, but I would be going a week earlier to spend some quality “me” time on the mountain. Things always happen when I’m there now it seems and energetic signatures are more apparent.

That week before the conference went quickly like all timelines these days, toward the end of the week, Kumu and I had finally found a wedge of time early Friday afternoon to get to know one another better. I really knew little about her but I sensed she had something to give me and whatever it was I wanted it. But from where I sat at that moment and how things had assimilated … it was clear that she had put me through ceremony without advising me that she was doing so, never mind without my consent. In the most respectful way possible I said she rather hijacked my Sovereignty and we had to overcome some trust obstacles. But whatever she was here to pass on to me I wasn’t going to miss out on. She said she had to. I knew instinctively that she did, but I would have to spend a bit more time unlocking the reason why and it had to do with me, not her.

She then told me about herself – she is a hybrid and her history is not for me to tell, but I know she has dimensional connections, gifts and abilities beyond our current comprehension. She knows how to take the enhanced Photon Light energy pointed at the planet and transmute negative energy with the assistance of these higher Light Beings. She has been dealing with negative energies of unspecified kinds all her life and now it seems, others will be equipped accordingly to help clear. Somehow, maybe the day will come when I fully understand it all, she had to have received permission from a source higher than herself to share with me what I’m about to receive. I had no opportunity to ask anyone about any of this so of course I wanted to know “why me”? We went on to recognize all the things that had led to this moment and knew I had chosen it all. There were signs of things repeatedly placed in my path for weeks now on who I was, what I was here to do and this is where it started to come together. What we exchanged about me is very personal and so it won’t be in print, those that need to know moving forward will – but opening that DNA with Etherium is about to be put to good use. Now Kumu had no way of knowing that I had been nourished by Etherium for months now, and in hindsight I believe it was preparing my being for more.

She held in her outstretched palms a red container. She said I was under no obligation to take what she offered me, but if I wished to deepen my connection to higher Light beings, this would help me get there. She said it contained Etherium … and … Light. Some I’ve shared my experience with asked “how could you ingest something you didn’t know?” Admittedly, I never gave it a second thought when it comes to taking the concoction. My thinking was (and is) if I didn’t take it – I’ll never know what’s in store for me. So over the next ten days, I ingested this sacred creation material and prepared to see what comes next.

Kumu invited me to a ceremony Friday night to participate in at a location in Mt Shasta with an energetic pyramid. There was unquestionably energy being shifted there that night and for me (after Kathy’s Egyptian heads up), during the ceremony, I found myself at the Great Pyramid, where I removed its top … giving access to the Halls of Amenti and the Akashic records for all humanity, including those Emerald Tablets which had been forbidden until now.

As much as I have been able to participate in some dimensional events that have resulted in showing me unusual phenomenon, magick that can’t really be anything but experienced.

Kumu was originally scheduled to leave first thing Saturday, but Friday night she invited me to one more ceremony and we would meet in town at Mt Shasta around noon to caravan to the site of the event.  In all there were four vehicles and about a dozen people and I thought I was a tag along … nooooo. Turns out – this ceremony was for me. I was to experience what this all  had been leading up to – my Light Integration to connect me with higher dimensions and more specifically, these beings. In a later transmission I will tell you more about who they are but for now, know they are 6th dimensional beings primarily here to assist with ascension.

It took us about 40 minutes to reach the destination – a sculpture garden within a Veterans Memorial Park. Note: if you venture to see this space yourself, please be respectful of this location. It is sacred.

There is a rather circular drive where the sculptures are located so we all got the parking situated and then began to prepare the space for ceremony. I parked last and opened the back hatch waiting for further instruction. Kumu was on her way over to me while others were addressing the 4 directions to honor the space and ask to be granted passage. When she came over to me she handed me a piece of brown paper and said “here is your medicine”, take your chair and wait over by that statue until I come for you.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. T-shirt temperatures and clear sun shiny skies. I found a spot with some shade, set up my star gazing chair and started taking in this medicine. It was just before 3PM when this candle was about to get lit. Kumu came over after all the other preparations were done and her part of those were done. Now she was going to focus entirely on what was about to transpire with me. The energy was already elevated and so I was feelin’ it already. She came over to where I was sitting to explain what I was to do. She pointed toward the sculpture in front of me (“Nurse”) and said I’d be laying on my blanket underneath the statue and indicated how to position my head and feet. Then she asked me for MY iPhone so any images she might capture would be taken on my device. After I handed her my phone and I laid down, she told me to find my meditative state and ask what it is you want to know. I wanted to know about Thoth the Atlantean, his consciousness returning to assist Gaia and my role in all that. I said: if what I’ve been presented with is true, then let just one Light Being show as confirmation. What I received were Four Light Beings who made contact from their realm to this one with me and gave me some clarity regarding the Emerald Tablets and Crystal Skulls.

The encounter was quite the light show for mid afternoon on a Saturday. I could hear their vibration – three different instances that were confirmed by others where I heard high frequency vibrations, like a giant hummingbird hovering stationary over me while feeling a Light energy pulse upload to my system. More DNA activation was downloading into me while my entire energetic being was actually Integrating with these Beings. This is what REAL connectivity to All feels like. I now carry inside me the same DNA that these beings carry through the Etherium cocktail I had been nourished by. The die was already cast. These beings, call them angels if you wish, have always been around us assisting our oblivious selves, as they can without direct influence. Now however, a way to connect to this realm has been established to assist in the acclimation to use the higher enhanced Photon energy aimed at Earth to transmute negative energy into Light. Think of my connection as a dimensional “passing of the baton” and I’m not the only one – more are about to follow. That’s my focus now moving forward: help others connect to this higher Light.

All of this happened one week before Rob’s conference where I was expected to share the account of my visit to Telos (which we know most certainly now, was multidimensional). Very few people outside my immediate circle knew any of this had happened and as usual I was still making sense of it all. Do I mention the past weekend and the Light Activation or stick with the program and share Telos? It was decided to stay with our original presentation plan as many people with Lemurian / Telosian connections came to hear everything about that adventure. But by the end of the conference, I had shared with a few more insiders who I was comfortable having these conversations with and a buzz was starting to develop in the undercurrent. It wasn’t just another story of someone’s extraordinary contact, there were pictures of this connection as proof.  And once again here I am after extraordinary events wondering – “Ok, now what do I do with what I know / can do?”

September – October

The beginning of the month is getting busy with a few more interviews scheduled to bring a considerable amount of attention to my circumstances after the conference. There are also a few different production companies interested in different aspects of my experiences. There is one cord left to sever and that dissolves by the end of the month so I can focus entirely on whatever comes next.

I spent much of the first part of October catching up with tribe and sharing what had happened in Mt Shasta to keep them advised of changes in energy. The two interviews would be produced through Alan Steinfeld’s NewRealities YouTube channel. After a few hours of Zoom time with Alan sharing my multidimensional experiences we came up with a two interview plan that would serve the Telos crowd and ease those who were ready into hearing such news that I’ve had a “different” kind of multidimensional contact with Higher Beings.

I spent the last two weeks in October receiving such preparations. I had commitments the first week that filled my dance card but the second week was for the mountain and I. Or so I thought. I spent everyday (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) on the mountain and activated additional energetic portals with Light from my integration. While I was going about this business and practicing the ELEE OMs I was given, the Light beings would show up to bridge between the dimensions and connect one with others (actual ascension). If your vibration is high and matching the frequency of the higher realms you are in alignment to experience such things now. You have been waiting to be activated in some way but didn’t comprehend what that meant. Because of my alignment, I had the opportunity to see Telosian Elders at a Lemurian Temple, during those three days. They are preparing for the imminent Shift and the reintegration of the cultures between surface humans and the Lemurians.

Shastina energetic portal - Mt Shasta
Shastina energetic portal – Mt Shasta

Monday, the most welcomed precipitation left the ground wet in town but the mountain was snow capped at that elevation and there was a cloud shroud hanging over her. My destination today was Glass Mountain – looking for a place of peace and solitude. The autumn colors added to the setting so I would be off to a quiet place to shout ELEE OMs today. I had no expectations for any contact, I was instructed to use these OMs to develop my own connection to these beings and those realms. After proper preparation and gratitude in these sacred settings they always show up now. My physical being is changing even more – adapting to the stasis (balance) that this state of consciousness awakens. Tuesday, I again spent solitary time at Bunny Flat and the snow atmosphere was blowing through regularly and saw an entirely new side of the mountain under pristine winter conditions. But Tuesday night I had little sleep as after another day with Light beings the evening would be filled with Akashic downloads that would last into the wee hours of Wednesday morning. When I looked in the mirror the next morning, the rapid download activity resulted in my right eye being largely bloodshot – but there was no pain, itching or discomfort of any kind. But some significant processing took place.

When I woke Thursday morning, physically and ethereally recharged, I wondered (again) “what do I do with this?”. Two weeks earlier, Alan Steinfeld had asked me then, “what can you share with others to help them along their journey?”. It was the second time Alan had posed a scenario to which I didn’t have an immediate response – but one would be forthcoming. I knew I was here to help others but that can come in a myriad of ways. How do I leverage my Light connection for others? And within the last thought pattern was the answer with what I am now in a position to do. Leverage my connection to help others connect fully to the Light.

And that leads us to here: I have been given the tools and the authority to assist others to perfect their alignment, open themselves to greater capacities of Light and harness its power for your highest good and the highest good for All. It’s all within you.

During those visions my guides showed me every detail of presenting this material in a live environment to assist others ready to experience this same Light Integration down to the set up and configuration of the space. (Clearly my guides too are Capricorns).

Now that this has finally been committed to print for others to follow, I can focus on those who are ready for their own activations. See you in Vegas next.

If you made it all the way to here … you deserve to see all the pictures from the Light Activations / Integrations.

Click here to see the gallery and use the password: light-magick

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck


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