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Starbuck’s Ascension – How I spent my Multidimensional Summer Vacation 2021

Starbuck’s Accelerated Ascension journey – May to October 2021

Part One.

It’s the first part of November and the conditions to sit still long enough to archive everything that’s happened since the Skull Squad met at Mt Shasta in April are cast. It seems as though divine timing has arrived and what I’ve come to know needs to be shared with others. The half of me in this 3rd dimensional realm is still reluctant to talk about what’s to follow, but that part of me that’s reached into the next realm is telling me – full steam ahead.

My awareness has been rising at a rapid rate and there are changes in my DNA that have been taking place in the background that are now tangible. Getting here was all about learning alignment and vibration were already inside me. I simply had to master it.

I am no more (or less) human than you are, so it stands to reason that these tools are inside you as well. Now as you are about to learn, I’ve had help all along the way (some from higher dimensions), to learn to take the enhanced Photon Light energy directed at Earth and transmute negative energy into Light. All Lightworkers are capable of this kind of alchemy when they are in alignment and now is the time to anchor.

So let’s jump not too far back into the WayBack machine and connect the dots between April to the end of October.

April – May

The four days I spent in Mt Shasta mid-April didn’t provide me the opportunity to return to that portal at the Old Ski Bowl trailhead summit. So I was even more eager to get back and spend some quality time in that space as soon as I could. But there were some administrative issues requiring the appropriate attention, that I just needed to dedicate the time and attention to – not the least of which was to rebuild the site which had crashed late last November. Guides had entrusted me to ensure that the Ascension Handbook needed to be available as a reference for All. This time around adding the content to the website from adventures and whatnot needed to be easier and quicker. The last two weeks of April all the elements of the new site fell into place and if I say so myself, the site is pretty nice.

Early on the first Monday morning in May, I began – what ended up being a three day binge coding session – to breath new life into the 40kftview site – you know how that goes when your expression needs to get out, you toil until its finished. By Wednesday morning most of it was completed and I needed a pleasant distraction. I had been in contact with Mickey Magic on my Andara education journey and remembered that he had invited me for a visit to his Andara Spiral in the Santa Cruz mountains, I thought now would be a great time to take him up on his generous offer for some solace. Next thing I knew is that I was heading to Mickey’s on Thursday to spent the weekend with him and connect to members of his family / tribe.

Here is when & where the majority of what I know about Andara Crystals and their significance I learned from Mickey who had been associated with authentic Andaras pretty much from the start with Nellie. He had been instrumental in helping her distribute them all over the world for decades now and he is still the best source of Andaras if you want to make certain that one you acquire is authentic. Their high vibration energy is unique to any other crystals in that they carry consciousness and inter connectivity between others. They are perpetual Akashic contributors as every intentional interaction with an Andara is an energy exchange between you and that crystal’s consciousness. With consent, you share all. Now imagine connection to all its other brothers and sisters around the planet and their energy exchanges and well you can see how rapidly things can manifest when you connect to Prima Matra (creation material) as that is what Andaras are composed of.

Those four days with Mickey revealed that my quest for complete Andara knowledge was meant to lead me to what material it is actually formed from – Etherium, so that when the time came – I would know what it was and research the appropriate use for this sacred material. When I left Mickey’s that Sunday, I asked him to next time teach me from his experience, everything he knew about Etherium. Things aligned in such a way that the next weekend there was a gathering at an art gallery belonging to Celeste, that many of the tribe planned to attend. As my weekend was open and I wanted to get to know these tribe members better, I planned to go too.

It was that weekend that I was gifted four colors of Etherium. I spent hours searching and digesting what little information about Etherium there was, until I found material from an internet archive server included on a website in the mid 90’s. This material was in the form of an HTML page in white text (clearly the page once had a dark background), so it appeared “blank”. Had it not been for the graphic at the top of the page, I may have just as easily skipped over the content. When I highlighted the copy and pasted it into a New Document – I had 11 pages of information about Etherium. A few days later Narmandi, another tribe member on a similar mission to research Prima Matra, reported that he had also found Etherium content that in comparison had the information from the 11 pages I found and much more for a total of 42 pdf pages. It included the detailed account of that 1995 channeling with Thoth regarding Etherium, Prima Matra, Creation material, etc. In my extensive search, this content represented the most detail that has been documented on the topic.

I had also seen the result of a “dead” lemon tree that had been nourished by some black Etherium and its flourishes in a strangely magnificent way in that the two sides of the tree almost grow as different cycles simultaneously. One side is more than ready to harvest while the other is about half way through the growing cycle. It has immense positive effect on any sentient life form to help find balance within its system physically, emotionally, spiritually and ethereally. After all, we are all energy connected to each other and constantly changing form.

Armed with this knowledge, I made the decision to begin ingesting it and activate dormant DNA beginning in mid-May. There were / are tangible physical improvements through a cellular metamorphosis of creating stasis (balance) through my regimen with black Etherium. Think of it as wiping your physical and ethereal being slates clean and readying them for enhanced Photon Light downloads. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was being prepared for another stratum of Etherium / Light to come later in August.

This became another one of those “ok, now what?” moments in expanded awareness on what am I to do with what I know / can do.

June – July

More tribe members from all different parts of the globe have heard about my Telos encounter. They want to hear more either because they have a Lemurian or Telosian connection – or they themselves have had extraordinary experiences and are seeking touchstones to help them understand how to interpret the phenomenon they are experiencing. Changes in their awareness’ are also rising at a rapid rate and mindfulness for them becomes purposeful, because they realize they are co-creating their environment.

The next opportunity to return to Mt Shasta turned out to be mid-June. By now, I have been nourished from the inside out by Etherium for about a month now and what I can report I observed is this:

  • Regenerates balance across your being
  • DNA activation at a cellular level
  • Clears / dissolves blockages
  • Joints hips knees shoulder neck wrist elbow all feel regenerated
  • Balance agility feel lighter especially on stairs
  • Cycling effortless no saddle sore / leg fatigue [one with the bike]
  • I crave the sun’s energy
  • Lower sleep patterns no loss of energy and focus  – refreshed
  • More restful sleep
  • Appetite changed to more natural cravings – smaller portions, more often
  • Feel Transmutation to Crystalline


Two plus weeks in –

  • Weight 183
  • Sleep soundly
  • Occasional chills
  • Dense food has less appeal
  • Color spectrum vividly expanded, audio spectrum picks up higher dimensional frequencies
  • My being has a high vibration moving through it – think The Force.
  • Energetic signatures are apparent
  • Hyper aware today
  • Body feels tuned in


I’ll stop here for a moment to address the inquiry I’ve heard more than once as news about Etherium was revealed. “Where do I get some?” First, its not meant for everyone like anything else. In order for it to be of any value to any being, you have to have found alignment or you may just as well eat dirt, because the effect will result in the same outcome – nada. Details on Etherium can be found elsewhere on this site so I won’t belabor your reading by repeating it here: i.e. how it got on the planet, what science knows of what it contains and what science still doesn’t know, how much of it existed and how much is still available in raw form. I am not referring to ORMUS which is humanity’s best attempt at replicating raw Etherium but in the end … not the same as there is still material contained in Etherium we have yet to unlock. But the answer is: there is little of it I know of in raw state that exists (today) and it remains unavailable.

Now let me remind you if it hasn’t already become evident, you do not have to ingest Etherium to benefit from it’s energy. You will experience the same connection to “more” by stewarding an Andara and asking it to share its Akash. You do remember that Andaras are the fusioned result of when planetary forces formed crystal from Etherium powder? They hold all of the identical qualities that Prima Matra has, that will accelerate activating dormant DNA. Everyone – in my understanding, can achieve higher dimensional connection without Prima Matra indeed, but Etherium is definitely an accelerator.

If it seems like I spent a lot of time on Etherium, its because without that fundamental basis of knowledge, you wouldn’t have a reference for the changes I’ve been experiencing. Once dimensional access has been restored – your view of reality shifts profoundly. And I appreciate more and more as I get to shift in and out of 4/5D that it’s an exhausting process holding space to pull the Light to anchor from there to here.

Back to the June visit to Mt Shasta:

After adjusting schedules I’d be back in Shasta the 3rd Thursday for at least a few weeks and during that time, explore the area part of that time with tribe to share sacred energetic portals, re-connect with others in the area to compare notes on individual ascension signs and find “me” time on the mountain now that everything should be open and accessible. As I always do when I first arrive in Mt Shasta, I make the drive as far on Everett Memorial Highway as conditions allow. There was no more snow, in fact, I’ve not seen the mountain from this perspective with zero snow and that’s precisely what I was seeing. In spite of clear conditions, the re-opening of the road that seasonally gets gated from Bunny Flat to access the Old Ski Bowl trailhead summit parking lot among other places along the 3.3 mile stretch didn’t happen. Ok then, I know what I have to do to reach my destination – hike it from Bunny Flat and I’d return to begin by 9AM Friday morning.

In preparation for this hike, I had to factor in things I knew and variables I did not – I knew that the road was going to be closed, meaning if that’s the route I choose, its a 3.3(+) mile walk with a change in altitude from 6919’ to 8120’. I was convinced that a route more “as the crow flies” would be shorter and much more pleasant through the forest than just following the road. I had the Lat:Long coordinates from someone who read my accounts, figured out where the portal was and then found it by making that hike from Bunny Flat back in May from where he took pictures and screen capped the compass coordinates. I’ve kept a lid on that information since and shared it with only a few before I had a chance to return.

Using the Lat:Long on Google Maps / Google Earth was helpful – if I was driving. In spite of changing the mode of travel to hiking it just kept wanting to reroute me to the road (aarrgghhhh), so I just bagged the whole Google Map option. I remembered using a Cal Topo map online last year the very first day of my hiking and to say it was helpful is an understatement considering I was wandering in places I’d never been “off-trail”. For some incomprehensible reason the mobile signal in a lot of (not every) places around Mt. Shasta is decent. Between downloading this tool and my phone’s compass, I could see where I was and what direction I should head.

Drawing a visual line between where I stood at Bunny Flat and Mt Shasta in the distance was my line. So off I headed on some paths that headed that way.  Soon to stay on-line, I ventured off-trail but came to a marked trail labeled “Snow Bunny Trail” that I decided to follow for a bit. Just north of that (see coordinates) I found the first of 5 portals I was supposed to visit / discover. Remember, I asked my guides to “show me the way” and this is the direction I took. Among those variables I didn’t take into account were the elevation changes in unknown forest. So I just kept looking up the mountain knowing I had to ascend and followed intuition.

As you can see on the Google map I plotted all of the vortexes that I had screen capped – I went WAY north and later it would result in me having to descend only to have to ascend again 👀. I showed you all the vortexes I exchanged energy at to share my experience. These places are all “off-trail” with the exception of the first one just past Snow Bunny Trail and that one is relatively easy to find and well worth the hike. (The Telos portal is the right-most dropped pin)

So I continued to hike as the crow flies to Shastina from Bunny Flats to find the energetic portal to Telos I had experienced that Sunday last July.

Left Bunny Flats @ 9ish

Reached the perch @ 1ish

First: I returned to the scene a different being than I was last year. I have some new “upgrades” since the last visit and it’s clear as anything to me now as to why. My ability to sense and “see” energies has been greatly enhanced / elevated. Those energy vortexes radiate and in my case its as though I can “see” the etheric aura around the object. 

I’ll pause here for a moment to give you some clarity and try to explain the “upgrades”. Along my journey, tools / people / resources have been placed in my path for my use. The next to the last weekend in February, 2018, I participated in an Ayahuasca journey where Mother Ayahuasca said I was the Protector of Gaia. She showed me visions of new Earth where I had my 5th dimensional abilities restored to me. I was a Master Alchemist and Sorcerer / Wizard with a crystal that had the power to heal heart space immediately and transmute negative energy into Light. The crystal manifested as an Andara Crystal (Epiphany) and if you know me, you know what I’ve learned about Andaras and Etherium. Some of the difficult to decipher information in Thoth’s Emerald Tablets that he left behind are coming into focus for those that are ready.  But enough about that for now. On to the Telos portal.

When I finally reached the normally highly active area, one thing was “smack you in the face” different this time – there was no one else here. My frame of reference for this three-level parking area attached to several popular trailheads was active every time I had been here no matter what day or time.  Right now – I had the entire place to myself. I didn’t see another soul until the descent on the road near the Panther Meadows campsite.

This visit – the energy signature at the portal site was noticeably much higher frequency and this time I could see the energetic outline of where the last opening took place.  I was about to sit on the ground in this space and exchange energy I brought along – I had looked forward to that the entire hike. Then that multidimensional breeze … it must be an energetic release … and the portal was again open. I got to see She-Ah-Ma today at the portal. She came as far as the opening but not out.

So I sat with my legs spread saddle-like on the square bolder directly in front of the opening and had an extraordinary opportunity to chat with her. I was buzzing from the inter dimensional energy around us all and there were a number of influences inside me as well causing what I was feeling in that moment.

When I first heard her voice I recognized it right away, it is melodious. “So they call you Starbuck”, she said in the most endearing way possible. I just wanted to keep listening to her voice. She makes a striking vision. She’s wearing this blingy green ensemble that reflected the light like a hologram – so cool.  Never mind she is 8+ ft tall so I look up at her a lot 😎.

She started by asking what I thought now that the Prima Matra has found it’s way back into the hands of a Master Alchemist. What we discussed will stay secret for now.

I wanted to know why we were meeting here with her feet almost back on Terra Firma.  I wondered for a moment why she wouldn’t step out and then it occurred to me that she can’t pass into this realm without dropping her vibration to match this environment and why would anyone want to do that as reascending is not a simple thing?  She reminded me – I did.

I wanted more insight on specifically my time in Telos and she said it is already beginning to come back to you. I asked if I have a name I go by in Telos and she said that would also come to me, but in the meantime she’s fond of Starbuck.

We spent a significant amount of time then it seemed just looking at the mountain saying nothing but knowing this is Endgame for 3D and with the time remaining we are going to enjoy it as is while we can.

Said our farewells knowing I had to walk over 3 miles (following the road this time) to return to the Bunny Flat parking lot. I began climbing back down and as I dropped down a level, the portal is still open. I reached for my phone to capture a pic and too late – it was off again! At least this time I could fire my iPhone up right away. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as my phone was powered back up – yeah no more portal that’s I could see through my lens. 

Left the perch just after 2P

1 1/2 hours to walk 3+ miles to Bunny Flats

My dogs are barking (feet) – Time for a salad, rest and assimilation

I’m going to be in the area for awhile, there is magic unfolding and I’m here for that.

It’s no coincidence that all of this was happening whether I paid attention to the fact that this timed itself to occur at Summer Solstice or not. Once it was within my awareness, it was just one more synchronous 2 by 4 upside my metaphysical head to bring attention to what was aligning. Plenty of other extraordinary things were unfolding for me and everyone else it seemed in my orbit on an accelerated timeline. Awareness of this tribe’s orbit was growing exponentially as was the tribe itself as a result of many factors influencing it.

Through the first part of July, as those changes were manifesting into each one of us … that same question kept getting asked: “ok, so now what do we do with what we know / can do?” …

On to Part Two.


Namaste 🤟 Starbuck


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