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The Halls of Amenti and How to Get There

The pathway of Light to the Halls of Amenti, archive of the Akashic Records

The Halls of Amenti: Home of the Akashic Records

The past ten days or so showed me the reach of my accounts and where reports of them are showing up. TikTok, Rumble and Bitchute are a few channels I have no experience with and yet, links to the discussions of my Telos adventure on the ActiveNorcal podcast can apparently be found there. It was there that JimBob from the Unconstitutional Awareness podcast found said story. He has a soft spot for Mt Shasta like many others and he reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in sitting down for a session with him and his sidekicks Luis and Bandit. 

Unconstitutional Awakening

As is the experience I always have, there is something meant for me in these exchanges as well. This was going to be no exception. Toward the end of the podcast, Luis who is a talented graphic master started to show me some of his work specifically some visions he had of Telos. I have said for sometime now, I wish it was possible to pull in video form the movie of my experience inside Mt Shasta out of my head so that the rest of you could see it like putting on an VR headset. When I saw some of his work, it occurred to me that here may be someone who could take my vision and illustrate it to share with others. I see us collaborating on a project like this down the road, but there was an attention getter about to trigger me with something I was about to see toward the end of his presentation. 

Without trying to describe several remarkable renditions leading up to the image you see above, when I came upon this one – it is what I believe is an accurate depiction of the Halls of Amenti below the Great Pyramid – home of the Akashic Records that Thoth had established there. Before I go further to honor his contribution, here is Luis Enrique Rivera’s website: Much gratitude to Luis for permission to share his talent.

According to Thoth’s Emerald Tablets, the key to the chamber within the Great Pyramid is available to the right seeker. Now I mentioned in the title of the blog … “how to get there”. Here is where I was shown the key:

The Timekeeper KeyYedyamya Cindy among her other Star Language gifts, has been given illustrations of keys she has been receiving to share. The key you see here was inspired from within her just after a ceremony we shared back in July during that visit to Mt Shasta. She had said she was getting something coming through when we were saying our good-byes, but I wouldn’t get to see it for another day or so and when I did see it … I knew this key held instructions for me to access the Hall beneath the Great Pyramid. When I saw it – it didn’t take me long to see I knew how it works. I’ll know soon enough as I plan to join a group going to Egypt next September. Here is a link to Yedyamya’s page displaying the keys she has been shown: You can see how her earlier drawings were quite different from the structure of the most recent keys. 

I won’t be surprised in the least when I hear that these keys activate more of you who are meant to see these and learn how to use them. 

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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