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Solar Influences on Earth NOW

Aurora Borealis – It’s not the sun reflecting off the Poles

When I was younger, my father, myself and a small group of uncles, cousins and like-minded male friends would travel to The Boundary Waters between Northern Minnesota and Canada for 10 days or so of fishing. We did this for several years just after school was over and I have many memories of things I experienced during those trips. One of the most memorable was seeing the Northern Lights. It was explained to me as the sun reflecting off of the North Pole. I’ve since learned what the Aurora Borealis really is and what causes it. I learned that seeing this phenomenon in this northern most part of Minnesota was rare and I can’t think of a time in my life since that first viewing that it was rare indeed. So rare I’ve come to appreciate that it hadn’t happened again during my life until yesterday.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen and it does often – just not so profoundly at latitudes near the northern U.S. border. That has not happened in my experience in 50 or so of my years. Science has helped educate me on what causes it, and the sun’s influence on the planet along with a deteriorating protective magnetic shield around Earth. I started to pay attention and keep track of these solar winds, flares and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) for a few years now and over the last year I’ve found a correlation on my physicality and these events. I have a tightness at the base of neck almost like I had slept wrong and have an ache as a result. It’s become my barometer for when this happens and I’ll bet if you paid attention as well you find some of the same symptoms. 

That energetic influence also contributes to earthquakes, tsunamis (underwater earthquakes), hurricane conditions and lightning. Have you been noticing more and more of these activities being reported? I’m here to shed some light on what’s the deal. 

Yesterday’s events were a bit more sustained as you can see in this chart of elevated levels of activity. Typically I’ll notice something that comes our way and then normalcy resumes as opposed to yesterday’s pattern showed repeating sequences of rises in our KP levels. Take into account water disappearing in reservoirs and lakes, dryer than usual conditions that create opportunities for the fires from natural causes, volcanoes and the like. Yesterday the planet also experienced a 6.9 level earthquake in an area known as the Southern Atlantic anomaly. We haven’t had a quake at that level for a long time. 

In my area its not just that we are seeing record highs in the triple digits – look at the changes in temperatures … in this part of California they are creating swings of 40 degrees a day. 

Why do I bring the subject up?  Because there are those who understand the changes Earth is going through in the natural evolution of hers. This is where science helped me bridge a comprehension of how its all intermingled to an evolution of our own quite separate from Earth’s. People around me are beginning to connect the dots to see that there is a change we sense taking place and these indications are evidence of such phenomena. This may be difficult for most of the population ignorant of these changes that are coming, but they are happening nonetheless. My observations are not to create worry or concern, on the contrary, what’s in store for humanity on the other side of this change … is the world we have wanted and waited for. 

We’re almost there.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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