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Challenge: How do you explain these miraculous phenomena you’ve experienced to your friends and family?

Over the last week, interest in my communications has risen dramatically. I’ve been hearing from people from all over the world who resonate with information I’ve shared and at the same time, word of family/friends who wonder what is it with me that I’m referring to has reached me. Believe me when I say when these extraordinary experiences I’ve had (and am having) – that it took me significant time and discernment on what I was going to share and what to leave alone for now.

No doubt those of you who have known me all these years are probably wondering what the heck is Lowell talking about? Has he lost his grip on reality? Just what is all this about?

At first, I wasn’t interested in sharing anything as it was just too much to digest for myself. Then I moved to the other extreme where I believe everyone should know it all and NOW. I’m finally in a space that has informed me what I can and what I can’t share because others are not ready. Some is just too personal and meant for specific individuals.

How I address what I’m trying to present and what I’ve been shown has been weighing on my mind for sometime now. It’s clear as anything that I was chosen for this purpose because of my ability to communicate extraordinary information in a storytelling way that helps bring reason to your understanding. Something is stirring in many who don’t know what it is – but they sense a shift in how they view the world and their lives in it.

If you know who Dolores Cannon is and the work she did – I’m beginning to understand her perspective of these goings on – and although she is no longer with us, the results of her work stand the test of time. I see how she became a depository of the history of her clients dimensional experiences after a lifetime of hypnotherapy sessions she conducted. She knew that she was destined to be a vessel to bring awareness to the masses on what meaning it all had for the rest of us. After hearing from many people who have reached out to me to share their varied experiences – I know what it must have been like for her and how to determine what to share and what to leave alone – for now. There is clarity coming to me on what I can and can’t share. I had to be spoon-fed these pieces bit by bit to fully embrace what I was being exposed to and that took time. I shouldn’t expect it’s going to be an instant process for the rest of you beginning to take this information to heart either.

I have a Tribe of my own who have assembled that makes it safe for me to explore these experiences by sharing them within those people who you would see as regular Joes who have had their own rather unusual encounters that cannot be dismissed. This last week in particular, what should and should not be shared has come to the surface. Further, how it should be thoughtfully shared has been a serious topic of discussion between many of these Tribe family members with how best to deliver these messages we’ve received. I know it will be largely foreign at first to most of you, but no less important for you to know. Little in our upbringing prepared us to comprehend what is being presented to us from higher sources now and that is why it’s become a focus for those of us from a place of Love and Light to explain it in terms to the rest of you who have a curiosity and can begin to open yourselves to understand.

Until the last two years specifically, I didn’t come from the world that the spiritually minded have been focused on for the majority of their lives. But unquestionably, if you have been paying attention to elevated solar influences recently, you too feel something’s changing. We are all here to help you reason in your human mind the things we were never taught about the Universe and what part each of us play in it. It’s important to those of us who broke free from the fear-based thinking we grew up conditioned with, that we help others who are new to this information to see it in a positive light because the changes coming  for Earth’s and our futures are wonderfully positive.

A few weeks back this small group of my Tribe could see that feedback from the uninitiated we were hearing was difficult for them to swallow mainly from the language used. From that moment we started to focus on the best way to begin to speak in terms you’d understand without words and phrases that would just complicate things more. Just today, another curious individual reached out to me to ask about my experiences and I had to begin helping him to see that “thoughts become things”. In the same way I had to build a foundation of understanding of the seemingly miraculous events happening to me, we are aware that we have been given a great gift to help the rest of you who know and love us – develop your own level of trust and comprehension of your own. Not to see things from our perspective so much, but to help expose you to what we’ve been shown in order for you to come to your own conclusions.

This group all believe that what we’ve experienced was meant for everyone to know, not just selfishly for ourselves. We’ve also become acutely aware of how easily we could overload those seeking understanding. I had to be reminded that the vastness of the information I’ve received and want to share with you all – is not meant for you to know in its entirety just yet, in spite of what I wish. But as your levels of awareness rises, more will be revealed. I was also reminded that we will never be given more than we are equipped to handle in the moment.

Many of you have heard about these stories of contact with higher beings we’ve had, now we’ve been guided to figure out the way to help bring you along as quickly as you are ready in smaller doses. Expect to hear from us less about those miraculous experiences and more about the processes that helped us come to terms with our own understanding and translate it into something meaningful for you.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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