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Starbuck’s Soul Journey for Gaia and Humanity

Starbuck’s Higher Aspect

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Through a series of past life regressions and multidimensional experiences since 2020, I have reestablished my ‘original human blueprint’ DNA access to those dormant parts of my Akashic experiences and here is how I see them coincide with Earth’s evolution.

It explains clearly where and how humanity finds itself here through the timeline of Earth’s development. This is what was revealed through the roles I’ve played in Gaia’s evolution. It certainly answers why I am here and what space I am holding:

For purposes of understanding the following narrative, I will assume you have a command of the ideas of reincarnation and therefore the reality of past lives … it’s from that framework that I jump right in …

I originated as a (now) future version of my soul (starseed) from the Pleiades, specifically the planet Taygeta, with connections to the Blue Star ‘Rigel’ in the Orion constellation and also the star Antares. Over lifetimes I evolved to the level of Melchizedek High Priest. The Melchizedek Order is the Universal connection to Source governed by the Law of One and Keepers of the Light.  The vibratory level of the Pleiades is that of Melchizedek teachings – those being a clear connection to the cosmic principles of the Law of One and a comprehensive understanding of the Alchemy of Light with its influence on all Universal sentient life. My Pleiadian me evolved from Initiate to Master from within Thoth’s original Mystery School – the Craft of the Brazen Serpent.

Craft of the Brazen Serpent CrestEarth has always been part of the Intergalactic Federation (largely 7D beings primarily – holographic beings and craft). Original Earth (which was/is Inner Earth aka Agartha) was a satellite station for the intergalactic fleet. It was already in a Seventh Dimensional state where masculine and feminine energies were perfectly balanced. Nearby motherships were like arks. Earth was to be an experiment to see how human life would evolve here, and first visitors had to agree to a contract to participate in an experiment of life on earth.

When the Cosmic decision to develop Earth as a life-supporting planet (it wasn’t the original choice for within our solar system) came along, I was presented with the opportunity to assist in the build-out of the Earth’s mantle as I was embodied with advanced levels of biological science, alchemy and physics. The Pleiadians were known in this part of the Universe as Master Botanists and they were to be the go-to group to turn to.

The Emerald TabletsThe Dweller (you’ve heard reference to Him/Her in the Emerald Tablets) was given Universal authority for Earth’s manifestation into life sustaining form. He/She selected the Pleiadians to initiate this function. The entity soon to become Earth had previously served as an interstellar satellite where galactic travelers would stop within this solar system on their way to other corners of the Universe.

The Dweller was a 9th Dimensional High Priest who had been initiated into the Melchizedek Order and ascended through the evolutionary stages to Mastery level when he/she was chosen by the Galactic Federation to oversee the Earth experiment. The evolution of a race of humans was to be one of the primary projects, to observe how they would evolve within this environment. The rest of the Universe will be watching … Understand that Earth herself is an evolving sentient being and She was about to be initiated into the Melchizedek order and evolve as well. She bound herself (like all of us) to the Truth of the Law of One and the existence of the Light.

When I excitedly agreed to be a part of earth’s development, it was because it would be designed metaphysically just like the stars in the Pleiadian system along the Order of Melchizedek. Every soul is truly a service-to-others spark connected to Source Light energy. The planets within the Pleiades were multidimensional beings based on the Universal Law of One and Masters of the Light. Each new planet would start at the lower density with lower consciousness to begin (obviously) as opposed to the more advanced planets whose dimensional ranges reach into double digits. Earth would begin with dimensional representations from the 1st through the 9th (we are currently moving from 3rd through to the upper octaves of the 4th). That’s why we say humanity is heading into the 5th dimension because you’re so close to equaling that consciousness vibration level. Once the mantle was formed and capable of supporting life – it WAS Eden as we imagined it to be. This initial civilization on Earth would be known as Elysium. As one of the botanists responsible for the outcome of this magnificently beautiful planet, I wanted to stay to enjoy the environment I had a hand in creating. So I petitioned the Galactic Federation along with many other scientists and their families to colonize on the planet.

Our request was to be granted with the understanding that Earth was an experiment for humanity to see how they would do given an environment of Sovereignty and Freewill. And so the first colonists would be Pleiadian to also serve as guardians of the Melchizedek Light influence on Earth. Hence my eternal dedication to Gaia first. Soon the Pleiadians would be followed by the Lyrans. Now if you know what was going on cosmically at the time, the Lyrans had experienced planetary catastrophes too that made their planet no longer habitable. They first made their way to Sirius and were welcomed there to continue their evolution. When news about the new environment on Earth got out … they were among those who petitioned to colonize after the Pleiadians were granted permission. There was interest in the Lyran influence after the original mantle build-out as the Lyrans were known to be Master Architects and Master Builders. (Do you see the cosmic synchronicities at work here?). When the Pleiadians with their knowledge of sacred geometry and electromagnetic cosmic energy worked along side the Lyrans to map out a grid on the planet to nourish it – they would be the builders of the energy centers leveraging the celestial positions – capable of direct connections to other locations in the Universe. The Pleiadians designed it and the Lyrans built it. This grid was designed to vibrate fundamentally at a 7th dimensional level as the Sun Disk placed in Earth to serve as its atoma came from the Seventh Galaxy of the Seventh Central Sun (the Sun of Illumination) and holds all Universal knowledge. Earth would be its future cosmic record (Akashic) keeper in the Halls of Amenti thanks to arrangements made by Thoth.


Elysium – first civilization on Earth and literally paradise on earth. Adhered to the Law of One within a beautiful loving environment where we didn’t think to harm each other or anyone else. One’s Sovereignty was assumed and honored.

Wars of heaven broke out by those who believed they were greater than Source and did not want to adhere to the Divine – we now call them the Dark Ones

Destructive – Elysium had to be evacuated … earth was thrown out of orbit due to a planet between Jupiter and Mars blowing itself up, causing ripples of chaos within the Universe … only the Inner Earth survived intact – so you see the planet has fallen victim to cosmic physical disturbances that were unanticipated previously.

The Lyrans whose own planet was blown up and uninhabitable – fled to Sirius and then from Sirius received permission from the Galactic Federation to come and settle on earth. Built on what was left of Elysium, they were megalithic builders  – the Lion people (very tall / some over 20 ft tall) with reddish hair and coppery skin, Master architects and builders of the hanging gardens, pyramids and the pyramid energy grids.


Avalon (the next 7th dimensional civilization to follow Elysium – centered near Spain, Portugal, France territories) rose into a peaceful matriarchal society. Wizards (such as Merlin and Melinda), the Druid high priests and priestesses (benevolent elemental shape shifters) and the Mer (mermaid and mermen) formed there under the Law of One. The planet vibrated at a level of the perfect balance of Feminine and Masculine energies and it was sacred knowledge that the Feminine Divine was the direct connection to Spirit and it was the honor of Divine Masculine to carry out the Divine message as received through the Feminine. 


Lemuria rose with this sentiment in the area we associate today as the Pacific while Avalon was in its prime.

Lemurians were highly sophisticated and androgynous (male and female within one body that was perfectly balanced). They were a 12’-14’ ft tall being (in our 3D way of comprehending measurement), 7D, loving, gentle race of crystalline Light beings. Connected intuitively to the vibration of the cosmic grid. Built crystalline cities – worked with mother earth in a harmonious stasis – they lived Universal Oneness – never destroyed any forests, they incorporated into the environment – living with Prana (life breath) and achieving immortality more than a thousand years old.

Avalon – the peaceful place that never had to defend itself, was invaded by a race from Mars, who focused on the feminine priestesses because they were familiar with the power of elemental energies. Atlantic Ocean appeared because of the destruction of Avalon and the islands of Atlantis began to rise under the influence of dark maji. 


Atlantis could no longer reach that 7th dimensional state of being (that was in a frequency band that was inaccessible to them at their 5th dimensional vibration). Yet this was the vibrational nature of Earth during the most recent past Golden Age of Atlantis. Now there were male and female beings but balance needed to be restored – so that brother won’t fight against brother anymore (remember the Lion kingdom) and when you reach the state where you don’t need to fight anymore you can actually ascend into the 7th again.

Our dear Atlantis in the end was responsible for us all paying the price for following the non-Light. Hopefully history will finally reflect the lessons Atlantis should have taught humanity. To finally master the lessons of the Lion kingdom (duality) and Elysium (connection to All) after learning the lessons involving the wars of heaven – not to repeat those lessons again but to reach that state of Oneness to activate ascension back into the 7th dimensional realm in order to merge with Lemuria again.

So you had the Golden Age of Atlantis where everything was peaceful, beautiful and everyone worked in harmony and did not harm Mother Earth – when they built their crystal pyramid temples with their 5D high technology (which is now reawakening) and they worked as one.

You had the islands of Atlantis – many of those were the peaks of that were left of Avalon and a lot of them still had the ancient teachings of Avalon and the Lion kingdom and Lemuria, but at the 5th dimensional state they couldn’t quite understand it anymore.

The same beings that started the wars in heaven and the destruction of Avalon  – they started to infiltrate the minds of humanity again (like a virus), when they get into your brain they start to control your ego and once they control your brain they begin divorcing your mind from your heart – that’s exactly what happened in Atlantis and why humanity has been stuck here for sooo long.

I wanted to address the topic of the Nagas – the Serpent People, as humanity owes them a great debt of gratitude and appreciation for the wisdom they gave us. That is why you see its influence in early Egypt – those Egyptian deities honored where their wisdom came from. I hold connection to the Nagas and much gratitude for their role in humanity’s evolution. They were what some characterized as the Serpent People from a planet called Sarpa Loka. They stayed and shared their vast Akashic wisdom with humanity through its early stages until the introduction of the dark energies taking souls in a non-Light direction. They left … but their legacy of intuitive influence and wisdom remains. I carry Blue Cobra energy that some of you do too, if your kundalini has risen you know the sensation. They have not ruled out returning once we achieve the next vibrational level.


The story of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Life tells you about Atlantis – the Serpent always belonged to the Divine Mother (Sophia) and was always the sign of highly evolved knowing and knowledge which the Divine Feminine held, you see the serpent is everywhere on sacred sites – as is the spiral because that is spiraling energy that the Divine Mother holds which is the energy that holds the electromagnetic currents (the Telluric currents) which is the energy that was used in their spacecraft and every dwelling – it was actually tapping into the power that held Creation together.

When they say that the serpent actually came and asked Adam whatever and then Eve, the truth was – that it was Adam who got himself involved with those Ones who were mind controlling him and there, the seeds of dissent were sown into Adam’s mind, (his ego began introducing thoughts of: ‘do I really need to adhere to the Law of One? am I not greater than my Creator? I am more than the Father that created me, I can do better than he can’) You’ll come to know this faction referred to as the Belial … that’s a competition of the masculine ego that comes into form and being – actually Eve had nothing to do with it – it was Adam that was being seeded the thoughts of dissent, which he swallowed – in other words, he became the dissent. He started to actually divorce himself from the Divine and he divorced himself from the female.  But what Jewish mythology tells us is that he was first married to Lilith, because Lilith was his partner he was first given by the Divine. Lilith was a very strong and able woman – she absolutely embodied the Divine Feminine because she always held ‘you are not more than me … we are equals’ and she refused to bow down to his wishes if she saw it was not within Divine Will. She stood up and said you are going the wrong way – so what did Adam do? He complained about her in the highest degree and said ‘you gave me the wrong wife’ (see how he was already dissenting against the Divine?)  He was questioning the Divine in all and everything – that is how you start separating your inner knowing from your ego that is questioning everything. It’s not bad to question but you’ve also got to listen to your intuitive voice or inside – he was ignoring that intuitive side and said ‘I want to have another wife’ – so he was given Eve, more pliant and more submissive but then he didn’t like Eve either because he eventually accused her of bringing him into sin – which she never did. It was he himself who had this inner turmoil where he could not govern himself – that is where basically patriarchy starts.

That’s exactly what happened during this period in Atlantis, patriarchy started taking over. Those entities started persecuting the High Priestesses and the feminine influence. The Melchizedek Priesthood stood together behind the scenes and said we will not allow this because they saw what was happening.

Thoth is there. When the Priests had the fore vision with what would happen to Atlantis (they saw they would destroy themselves and take most of humankind with them because of the mind control by these black maji who originally sowed the seeds of duality in Atlantis). The High Priests among the Light who had the gift of prophecy could see what a great calamity this would result in. Humankind is not mastering that lesson. Instead of going up into the 7th they are going to descend into darkness, fall into 3D duality. The Priests knew they had to keep the seeds of enlightenment (illumination) alive – so they dispersed all over the world and they started planting colonies all over the world in places they knew they would be able to survive the floods that they knew would come.

Black maji (dark energies) were planting control boxes in the cranium area of the neck where they actually divorced your higher chakras from your lower chakras so you couldn’t access your heart anymore. You were totally in the mind and controlled with external influence

In a sense the populous allowed that to happen because you are a Sovereign human in this experiment with freewill, but still tried to stay true to the Law of One.


EgyptAncient Egypt was very important because Thoth was directed to go there next and salvage ancient technologies not only Atlantean, but Akashic records and technologies of Lemuria and many other earlier civilizations on Gaia. They will eventually be kept beneath the Great Pyramid in the Halls of Amenti which we know from the Emerald Tablets. Thoth was instructed to use ‘arks’ that were like spaceships that could burrow underground. They created underground tunnels and cities that are still there all throughout the planet.

Preparations were continuing to be made as they knew that when the floods came they had to go underground in some places –  like they had in the Himalayas (Tibet), Euro Mts in Russia, Incas, Mount Shasta.

Not all Atlanteans are dark – that’s important to remember about our connection to Soul Tribe there. In fact the positive effect Atlanteans will help to restore with surface dwellers in 5D will be just as important as what the Lemurians in Telos promise to share with us. But the worst part of Atlantis’ lessons are that those actions destroyed Lemuria as well and they can’t be ignored. – It was the black maji who found their way into naive Atlantean awareness … and they were the ones that sowed seeds of dissent into the Lemurians. The Lemurians had everything they wanted and could manifest anything into form and being they liked – they did not have two separate bodies, the male and female form.

The black maji actually came up with the idea that the Lemurians connection to Spirit couldn’t be all that perfect if they didn’t experience physical sensations i.e. the sensual nature between male and female. Remember the Lemurians were 7th dimensional androgynous beings with a balance of Divine Feminine and masculine energies. The maji believed if they could convince the Lemurians they lost out on the experiences of sexual energy to mate that they could alter them so they could experience that physicality. Of course they would have to drop to at least 5th dimensional form in order for them to have those experiences and therein was the error the maji made when they cut themselves off from 7th dimensional frequencies they could no longer reach. They implied to the Lemurians that the Divine didn’t make them perfect, which was a total lie – but they were about to forget they were more perfect than the Atlanteans in their androgynous form.

Regrettably, through their naivety the Lemurians fell for splitting themselves into two forms with help from the Atlanteans to experience physicality.

The tragedy of the Lemurians is that they fell for the black maji Atlantean’s idea of separation as once they were separated they could never get back to that Divine Soul level again from within the 3rd dimension.  They would try desperately to reach this spiritual level through relationships with other partners and in that, pain and suffering were created which they never ever knew before.

With that the Atlanteans began to enslave the Lemurians because the Atlanteans wanted their technology – the door was already closed to that within higher dimensional realms but they were trying to get it by force and to use it in self destructive ways.

Crystal Technology – in Atlantis they abused crystals and used them in atomic lasers that blew portions of the planet – the Divine Mother told the High Priestesses of Atlantis and those of Lemuria that stayed true to bury these crystals in the earth and seal them off so that nobody can access them until the time when humanity returns to the purity of love, unity and harmony and has the consciousness again to create paradise on earth and not destruction. Then these materials will once again surface. Look for them in Andara and Lemurian crystal form.

So those crystals were literally sealed off and so many of the souls that are incarnated now were the ones that sealed them off but the challenge now arises again – are you still going to be in duality or will you be in that unity consciousness field?


Many higher dimensional beings would visit earth and some would leave lasting impressions both good and bad. It was to have its effect on humanity’s evolution and to say it stunted humanity’s growth would be an understatement of vast proportions. The next civilization to assemble on my timeline is Lemurian from Mu. I am certainly glossing over Mu – Lemuria, as a comprehension of our soul paths through those civilizations deserves more than a footnote. The contributions to humanity made by Lemuria are immeasurable. Lemurians were 12’-14’ ft tall (by 3D standards of measurement), 7th dimensional androgynous beings when the 7th dimension on the planet was the current vibrational frequency, it was a quite natural occurrence. They lived fully aware of their metaphysical connection to All and Gaia was rooted in their very nature.


ThothIt was here where I would cross paths with and befriend the soul known as Thoth while in his initiate stages in Lemuria. He and I in those incarnations came up together as initiates of the Melchizedek priesthood. Our mentoring into that wisdom would be mirrored for our own overall Mastery but Thoth as you know followed an even Higher path when he was selected by The Dweller to continue his more advanced training to one day replace The Dweller as overseer of the planet. Thoth, myself and others would achieve the level of Melchizedek High Priest and I would serve as Priest / King in different places along the way. Thoth and I would remain close throughout our incarnations – dedicated to Earth and her ascension to Gaia. He was deemed the Protector of Gaia, and in his absence I would assume the responsibility until his return. I had always considered myself the best #2 on the planet throughout my life in different career roles … and now I know why. My heart core mirrors Thoth’s in that we are dedicated to the planet especially now while she is going through her final stages of evolution into the next dimension of higher frequencies. That’s not to say that we don’t have a heart for humanity – we love you, but our laser focused attention and resources are on the planetary ascension. I can guarantee every soul that – that measure of humanity who vibrate at the proper frequency (that which matches Earth’s higher frequency) will indirectly benefit as a result. Your complete awareness of New Earth when the time comes will be sudden but you can be prepared. Only your vibratory level will matter. 

When the Lemurians flourished they assumed responsibility over the grid work on the planet. Each one of the strategically placed 12 Crystal Temples connected by the 7th dimensional grid was assigned a Melchizedek High Priest King and High Priestess Queen (typically Twin Flames) to oversee the metaphysical advancement of their colonies. I was honored to be assigned to one of these Lemurian Temples by Thoth himself, but it wouldn’t be my last outpost. This was prior to the development of the Atlantean faction you might say, who you could think of as a splinter group – originally Lemurian. They were interested in the more physical environment on earth – that is what they wanted to explore as opposed to the more spiritual nature of existence chosen by the Lemurian Melchizedek mindset. But they also were influenced by service-to-self beings who believed that lower forms should be brought under sway – where the Lemurians believed those Tribes should be supported as connected, but left to their own evolution as per the Law of One. 

So here is where the Atlanteans began to migrate eastward from the area that was Mu-Lemuria, once land-massed quite differently in what we recognize as North, Central and South America today. In order to experience physical human form on the 5th dimensional plane a change in consciousness would need to be reached – so the Atlantean faction dropped to 5th dimensional awareness – one where physical form on the planet could be manifest and experienced. However, limitations on access to previous akashic records above the 5th dimension would be realized and the lessons of duality would commence.

THOTH the ATLANTEANI chose to stay on the Melchizedek path within Lemurian culture and keep a vigil on the cosmic progression of Light. I served in the final role Thoth had assigned me at one of the 12 Crystal Temples. This energetic crossing was on Lemurian territory which happened to be bordering immediately adjacent Atlantean territories until the final sinking of the major Atlantean colonies.  Then I joined Thoth to the Land of Kem where we would take what we found there – primitives with remnants of Lyran / Pleaidian designed energy pyramids and fashion the next civilization to become Egypt. It would be administered over 16,000 years under Thoth’s tutelage and wisdom sharing until it was to be handed over to humanity and the age of the human Pharoahs began. Thoth remains in the 8th dimension here as he is the Protector of Gaia, until sometime when he would return again as recorded in the Emerald Tablets.


Toward the end of his physical presence on the planet he began to organize the overseeing of its continued metaphysical advancement for Earth, by assembling the Merkabah group ‘Chariot of the Sun’ of which I honorably serve. The time would arrive when we would coordinate work with the Solarians during the upcoming LP-40 ascension process on preparing to activate Golden Taya territories.

[ The Golden Taya Allotments are the areas of Earth’s surface which will be ascending through the veil into the fifth dimension at the period of time referred to as Light Principle 40 (LP-40) by Tehuti/Thoth and his Merkabah group “Chariot of the Sun”. According to Tehuti, the currently projected occurrence of LP-40 will fall somewhere between the years 2015 and 2025.

The Golden TayaOn February 17, 1995 we were experiencing some very powerful, yet strange dynamics. This prompted us to go to Tehuti and ask what was going on, as there seemed to be an unidentifiable component in the energy we were experiencing that day. Tehuti replied that this was the first day of the ‘passing of the guard’ of some of the Golden Taya areas from the control of the fallen lords (Nephilim) of light to the true Lords of Light (Solarians). He indicated this process would be occurring until approximately March 12, 1995 for the initial 20% of the Golden Taya Allotments. ]

Upon his departure post- the Lemurian and Atlantean catastrophe periods, Thoth had left behind his Emerald Tablets – a resource recorded for those capable of interpreting its contents. It was meant for humans to understand for future purposes – basically embracing the existence of multidimensionality. Each of the twelve sections was given to one of the 12 High Priests to carry as signatures of Thoth’s authority while they recolonized in 12 areas spread throughout the planet. It should be noted that each of the 12 Emerald Tablet sections were also embedded in Light codes and held within a corresponding Crystal Skull, this experience comes from my memories within my auric field.  My reawakening would be with the Mitchell-Hedges skull and my reconnection to Atlantis would be reactivated.


Secrets of the Subterranean CitiesSome of these Taya territories would be on the surface especially for humanity’s continued evolution but much would be located in Inner Earth locations, the entirety of which is referred to as Agartha. With over 120 different cities representing Lemurian and Atlantean cultures as well as other cultures we are not yet familiar with.  They all await reconnecting with the surface in service according to the Law of One and holding that space to assist the lower density humans ascending through their own evolutions. You have heard many accounts of higher dimensional beings appearing and leaving behind higher technologies to assist those beings during that period of planetary recolonization.

I returned to this realm at this time, to watch over the Lemurian / Atlantean territory that I oversaw – it has an Inner Earth presence to this day beneath Lake Titicaca. This had been a unique place on the planet as both Lemurian and Atlantean influences and cultures had thrived here when both occupied this area together. It was a model of cooperation, unity, community and Light. It marked a time when all sentient life was truly connected as One. I know the energy from that sensation and I am eager to return to it. That is my purpose for this incarnation now – to do everything within my power and resources to ready returning humanity to the incoming higher frequencies of Light from the Melchizedek Law of One perspective of New Earth’s elevated vibration.

We’re almost there Lightworkers. 🤟😎 


So what are the signs of greater assistance from higher realms now and what evidence is there of the changes in earth’s consciousness …

It’s important to start by knowing that during the Earth experiment in humanity – outside galactic influence was not permitted in order to allow humans to evolve on their own. Consequently, interactions with humans was forbidden. Clearly those cosmic orders were ignored by both beings on planet and off. Until the time of the harmonic convergence it seems to me energetically, the dark energies from off-planet had influenced and taken advantage of the human race for their own agendas. It was at this evolved stage of ascension that the frequencies with which those dark entities were allowed to experience Earth were no longer open to them. 


If you have done much research on the timing of the presence of the first so-called UFO sightings – you know this phenomenon largely began to be reported in the 1940’s. There is good reason as to why … as it was at that time period during WWII that we were developing nuclear weapons, testing them on US soil and consequently dropping them on an opposing country. Never mind the disregard of the Law of One with others that was being ignored … humans demonstrated to higher realms what physical damage we could do to the planet, forgetful of the notion that the planet doesn’t belong to us. Now that I have reminded you of the circumstances by which dark influences took down Lemuria and eventually Atlantis, you must see the parallels in lessons we didn’t master. 

What is different now, is that Earth as a planet, is at the final stages of evolving to a new higher vibrational plane where the 3D experience is no longer our reality. Where we are headed back to the Angelic Realm in the 4th dimensional version of Gaia while we skip on to 5D consciousness for all sentient life here. 

That is the time higher dimensional beings started stepping in and making contact. If you are familiar with Dolores Cannon’s work you already know about the three waves of volunteers who came to assist with Gaia’s ascension beginning in the early 50’s. I am one of the Blue Ray children who chose to incarnate at this time to assist with the imminent cosmic evolution of Earth and prepare humans for the transition. 

Space Weather Enthusiasts’ DashboardThe timeline of Earth’s cosmic cycle in the 3rd density is closing, there is physical evidence galore of the catastrophic events taking place during this readjustment. Floods, wildly fluctuating temperatures, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, solar flares, electrical disturbances, etc … all triggered by elevated solar conditions in our system, emitted from a higher vibrational Photon energy belt of our Central Sun. Welcome to the actual Age of Aquarius and Golden Age. It’s Earth’s turn to evolve and you chose to be here to experience it. 

During this time, many are coming into awareness of their Higher Aspects and seeing the world for what it is. They are also aware of benevolent higher dimensional beings here to help navigate these changes in cosmic energy. These guides have been around the planet, protecting it (and us), staying in their high vibration environments in Inner Earth as well as off-planet for this time. Communication like mine in real-time in Telos and other Inner Earth territories will be accelerating to prepare humanity with the location of vibrationally safe areas on the planet during the physical changes associated with rising vibration. Then the bridges nurtured by Earthly ambassadors with Beyond Earth Sentients over the past few years will become more widely acknowledged and accepted to pave the way for interaction. 


Souls choose to evolve from within a 3rd dimensional plane to help Source understand more about itself in a setting of duality. The soul will experience physicality in an environment of your choosing, learning both good and bad aspects in order to discern contrast. You will observe / record these instances into your personal Akash along your journey with your particular lessons. To rejoin with Spirit, share Akashic wisdom with the collective and choose to either ascend to the next level or agree to a new soul contact with new 3rd dimensional lessons to contribute through another incarnation.

New Earth has completed it cosmic schedule of 3rd dimensional lessons. 

On we go to the next level where you’re more likely to feel this density. 

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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