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David Wallace

David P. Wallace – Maths Theorician, Astrophysicist and BES contactee

 – 12 years raising rescued Lion cubs and young adult Lions with my mother and the actress Tippi Hedren living on the Shambala Preserve in Soledad Canyon in the high Mojave desert.
 –  4 years Law enforcement with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department 
10 years working as an assistant wine maker and brandy distiller in Mendocino County. 
 – I returned to Manhattan Beach where I was born in our ancestral home to work for Mike Burbank to further develop his private company Bristol Farms.
 – I married and moved my wife and newborn son to England. There I worked in the fine wine and spirits trade, I was a purveyor of the world’s finest drink for 11 years, building companies creating custom educational service products and educational packages for the British. Whilst working as negocient in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Central Europe including Ukraine and Russia.
I taught wine and food chemistry and conducted wine tastings on an international level, I am recipient of Europe’s highest trade and knowledge award, the coveted OLN spirits retailer of the year. I finished my career in Europe as trade Ambassador for the British government to the Ukraine. After my son entered High school “so hard to leave” I told my son that I would be creating a new business back home on the beach so that when he graduated there would be something fun waiting for him upon his return, I didn’t know what I would be doing but am pretty clever.
 – I returned home in Spring of 2009 to reconnect with my childhood memories also, and the Pacific ocean, having reached the pinnacle of knowledge I could gain with the drinks trade it was time for a big change. After so many years enjoying farm to table food in Europe I had to bring that ethos back home to the U.S.
 – The proliferation of toxins in American food and the terrible use of inorganic fertilizer coupled with petroleum based pesticides has caused irreparable damage to our children in the form of ADHD,  a blanket pseudonym for chemical induced mild retardation. I opened Hermosa Pie and Cake, the only 100% all natural ingredient hand made pie shop in Southern California. Even though I did very well in the wine and spirits trade, I was unable to justify my actions as a steady drinker, clearly on my way to becoming an alcoholic; I quit drinking cold turkey and have enjoyed complete sobriety since April 1st 2008.
 – I am living testimony that you can reverse the cerebral cellular damage we do to ourselves from drinking. It takes many years for the alcohol produced toxins to leave your body, your brain will repair itself and you will undergo regrowth of new braincells as soon as you have flushed the alcohol toxins out. This takes some 4 to 6 years.
 – I spent my days developing my pie shop by word of mouth only. I am adamantly opposed to all forms of advertising. 10 years have passed since opening my pie shop and the health results and behavioral difference in once ill children has been remarkable. I have worked closely with many local families whom have children with disabilities derived from food chemicals. I was hoping for this to happen, and I was proved right about being very careful about what we let our small children eat. I was lucky to have conscientious parents who kept refined sweeteners and artificial colors and chemical preservitive ingredients away from me when I was growing up. Back in the late 60’s and 70’s while other kids had “space sticks” and “Hostess Zingers” in their lunch boxes, I had carrot and celery sticks, dry roasted soybeans, a peanut butter sandwich and a piece of bitter dark chocolate. Yup, my Mom was a hippie. Thank the Lord!
 – I had a couple of amazing encounter with Interstellar Conveyance while I lived in the U.K., but because I was drinking, I don’t talk about them and though I know it was an introduction to what would come to me later in Southern California, I know that alcohol changes our perception and awareness. I think, when I look back over my life I have gone from accomplishment to accomplishment yet there always remained a question deep inside of me. Who was I really? Was what I did with my life for the past 30 years some lasting progress where I made the planet a better place to live? Did I touch the hearts of men in a way to make them think about life? Did I help all those I made contact with? I kept hearing the same answer, “not really”.
 – It was my son who BES reached out to first. He made me stop our car to witness an orb above us. The events which unfolded were a Tsunami. From the one brief encounter with a pulsating teal green turquoise light above my head, I knew that I had another life waiting to step into, another life that would start the very next day that would set the tone and decisions I made from then on, that would change me, that I would evolve in this life to become illuminated by them to understand what being of service is, what freedom of thought truly was. Who I really am – David, Taurus Ambassador, earth representative to the Galactic Council of Scientists and friend to all of Earth’s creatures including humankind.
Thank you for supporting us, Lowell and I have a schedule given us by both groups whom we represent. We both have a message of Love and Hope, and I believe we will have a beautiful loving future as a collective humanity, that all will be well, that we can cognate ourselves to a dimension within this reality which allows Love to be the greatest force in the Universe. I love you, all of you, we are tribe. Together we can think our world into a paradise of charity and good will.
Thank you for being here now.
David Wallace 

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