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Inner Earth Cities FAM Tour – Apellos, Poseid, Rama, Seraphim, Shingwa, Shonshe, Telos, Tomassis, Utklaha

Inner Earth Cities - Poseid, Rama, Shingwa and Shonshe

Sharula Dux got me curious about the cities she mentioned … so I found the right Inner Earth images to bring forth and voila. 😎

I spent a good portion of my hospitality career involved the the Sales and Marketing process either directly or indirectly. I remember fondly the FAM (familiarization) trips we used to plan and some of the creative presentations we used to put together for them. The Capricorn in me loved that kind of work.

So who knew that I would get to use my Terran “surface” hospitality marketing experience to do PR work for the Lemurians in Telos as well as the other cities of Inner Earth coming back into our awareness. 🫨 

Click the header for each city to open its YouTube link. 

Apellos – under Transylvania Romania

under Transylvania, ancient wooded realm

Rama – under India 

Rama is the original name of India. It’s the colorful colony.

Seraphim – Capital of Shambhalla 

Capital city of Shambhalla

Shingwa – under the Gobi 

Steward of the crystal seedlings 

Shonshe – under Tibet

Well known for it’s sacred pools. 

Telos – beneath Mount Shasta

Crystal Capital City

Utklaha – under Glastonbury Tor

forest settlements of esoteric wisdom

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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