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Starbuck’s Mystery School presents Visit to Inner Earth 240429

Starbucks Mystery School presents Visit to Inner Earth 240429


Visit to Inner Earth. 

Music: Epidemic Sound
Intangible Ascension, Laura Platt

Now that I’ve been focusing on my own journey, I can resume enhancing my relationships with the Lemurians as well as other Inner Earth beings and realms reaching out.

This morning my guides provided me with an ethereal kick in the tush and reminded me – I’ve been sitting on hundreds (if not more) of Inner Earth inspired imaging that no one else has seen but myself. GSD LJ.

I thought the title of the music track was sooo telling, because through all of these experiences I still have difficulty explaning what the ascension process has been like for me.

So here is the result of that subtle 🙂‍↔️ prod, I hope you enjoy these 3:29 minutes from Inner Earth.




Namaste 🤟 Starbuck 

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