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ShiftWatch 240502 – Talking DNA at Truthstream, extreme weather cloud avalanche, Light Beings, Meditation and mantras

ShiftWatch with Starbuck 240502

V.240502 – Episode 5

ShiftWatch 240502 – Talking DNA at Truthstream, extreme weather cloud avalanche, Light Beings, Meditation and mantras

Music: Epidemic Sound – Neo Dreams, The Big Let Down

240502 – Episode 5

ShiftWatch – A recap of current multidimensional conditions

News  – Today’s Energy shifts focus is on

Discussing DNA restoration with Joe and Scott  at Truthstream among other multidimensional things

Space Weather

Watch this courageous recording of a cloud avalanche at Lake Kepuche in 2021

Vibration matching

Examples of sky phenomena my friends have shared from different places on the planet – see what you make of it

This one captured a Light Being making their way to the surface – these are telomeres, demonstrating their ability to reach the surface without the need to land a craft

P.S. George Harrison and the Maharishi – who could have seen that these two souls would have the impact they had and continue to provide guidance to me. I had come to appreciate George’s music apart from the Beatles long before I learned of his spiritual journey, but there is where I found many synchronicities between his path and mine. I have come to realize that he and I are alike in so many ways illuminated by our metaphysical curiosities. He left me with one piece of precious information when he said “mantras are … a mystical sound vibration encased in a syllable.” How spot on beautiful is that 😎. Back in medieval times, stories were referred to as songs. So when you heard the phrase “songs will be written about your tales” this is what they meant. How many contained mantras?

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