Do you wish to see Telos?

“How can you be so sure? How do you know what the Earth will endure?

How can you be so sure? That the wonders you’ve made in your life will be seen by the millions who’ll follow to visit the site of your dream?”    

What Goes Up, Alan Parsons Project.


Friday, July 24, 2020

Today, it was my plan to start early and visit Gateway Peace garden, then revisit Red Fir Flat as there was an elevated part of the forest I found out about after my first hike in that area.  I wanted to find it as there was an energy calling me to that place.  After seeing both places (and hiding another of Starbuck’s Crystals at Red Fir Flat), I decided to go back to Panther Meadows upper lot.  The place was busy, but I was able to find a parking spot and a vacant picnic table to sit and take in this wonderful environment while making hiking plans for the next few days.  As I am looking toward Mt Shasta, Shastina drew my attention.  The way the shadows begin to form on the east side, there appears to be areas that look like they could be cave entrances.  That could be an easy day hike.  It looks from where I sit to be a 20-25 minute hike but the last bit of it is off-trail and steep.  Plan B was Black Butte Summit, which if you’ve driven I-5 past Mt Shasta, the freeway bends around Black Butte it is so close.  I wasn’t aware that you could actually hike all the way to the top, but based on accounts of the views promised, I was interested in the climb.  So Black Butte would be the next adventure on Saturday and devote the entire day to this achievement.  Then the following day, visit the spot that drew my attention on Shastina.


Saturday came and after the usual morning routine, I headed for the trailhead.  I had scouted out its location the day before so I knew how to find it, because it’s found at the end of a few miles of dirt road.  I planned to record the ascent using Relive and the app shows I began the hike at 10:10A.  I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.  With the exception of the peak which was steeper than the rest of the hike, the grade uphill was pretty consistent.  I didn’t comprehend until during the actual climb what previous hikers had described as a rocky trail, narrow in places was becoming clear as anything now.  As usual, I was determined to see it through, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say twice, I seriously considered turning around.  I pushed on in no particular hurry to conserve energy and to take in the scenery.  Finally I reached the top.  There were two groups of pairs that had passed me on the ascent that were enjoying their rewards.  To move this dialogue along, the descent took longer than the ascent as I was fatigued, I was never so happy to reach the place the car was parked.  It was nearly 4:30P and I was beat.  I headed back to my room, showered quickly and hit the bed by 6:15P.  Sore and needing to recover a bit, I was ready for bed.  As I laid there aching, I resolved to put off hiking anywhere the next day and spend the day resting.   


In spite of the significant fatigue from Saturday’s hike, I still woke a little before 7A.  I meditated like every morning and then laid back down to resume recovering from the aches caused by the Black Butte Summit climb.  After a few more hours, something stirred in me and the curiosity about that spot on Shastina which captured my attention kept growing.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t nearly as sore as the end of the previous day, so I followed my intuition, got up and headed for Panther Meadows.  Being a Sunday, the parking lots were nearly full and a variety of people in the form of families, couples and groups of friends were already enjoying the area.  I grabbed my backpack, walking stick and took two pictures pointed in the direction of my intended destination from the parking lot.  The time stamp on the pictures was 12:53P.  I followed a trail that wrapped around Shastina to the left (south) that led me to the slope I wanted.  I reached the point where I had to leave the trail and begin to ascend to the spot, so I chose a line “as the crow flies” in the direction of my target.  The were a few interesting rock formations that had a vortex feel to them along the way and then, there was a small area behind some large boulders that I had to climb over to access.  There was an immediate energy change. The area had boulders circled in front of me, and thick brush behind me.  I sat down facing the parking lot, leaned back against the brush and took two pictures from where I was, timestamped 13:22P.  I had been listening to music from my iPhone through my AirPods while I had some water and grapes.  Suddenly, the music stopped and I began to troubleshoot the reason why.  My AirPods seemed intact, my phone was in my back pocket and when I retrieved it to check on its status, it had no power.  I tried to hold the power button down but it wasn’t responding.  It was unreasonable that the power died as my phone was fully charged when I left the car with a fully charged Mophie attached.

Now it gets interesting …

The sun was still nearly overhead, but I noticed a shadow appearing from behind and above me like a canopy that was unfolding over my head.  At the same time, I felt cool air coming from behind me and I could no longer feel the brush I was leaning against.  When I turned to take note of the changes in my environment, I saw an opening that wasn’t there a moment ago.  I saw a round gap, maybe a foot taller than I (I am 6’ tall).  I stood up a little startled to look and once my eyes adjusted, I could see the top half of a shadowed figure of someone I guessed to be about my height.  He asked in a slightly British accent, “do you wish to see Telos?”  I replied yes, trying to disguise my combination of excitement and anxiety.  I walked up over a small rise, looked inside where I could see into a tunnel heading downward with a person standing about 10 yards inside on the left and a faint light coming from the bottom of what I could see.

I walked down a slight incline and as my eyes adjusted to the light conditions, I could now make out better the person waiting there.  He was a handsome blonde male with shoulder length hair and white garments with multi-colored sashes.  However, he was at least a foot taller than I when I got close enough to see his entire being.  He said you can call me Alex and I replied “that will be easy, my son’s name is Alex”.  He replied, “yes, we know of your son Alex, would you follow me”?  We walked down I would guess another 30 yards or so where I could see the light become brighter as we reached the bottom of the tunnel, I looked behind me and the opening at the top of the tunnel was dark.

Once on the bottom, the area opened up to reveal a large staging area with three platforms maybe 6’ x 6’ with two bucket-like seats on top.  Alex slid into one seat and directed me to sit in the other.  The platform levitated and began to move although it felt to me like we weren’t moving at all.  There was no steering device, no console and Alex explained he could navigate this craft telepathically.  Where he thought is where we went.  There were multiple volcano tubes leading from this “station” and we proceeded into the center tube.  Whatever propulsion this transport used was completely silent as was I.  I was just trying to take it all in.  When we emerged from this tube, we were in a domed area the size of a small city with many buildings around the perimeter and a huge pyramid shaped temple in the center.  The dome was high and wide, how high I can only speculate but the most fascinating aspect of all of it so far was the amount of what appeared to be natural light in a place that had no skylights.  The pyramid was white with a capstone called “the living stone” at the top that Alex said was donated to them by Venus.  The other buildings were all constructed of crystals formed in a variety of colors, that soared up like skyscrapers.  There were many beings that were certainly human but there was no one shorter than myself that I saw.  I made eye contact with some of the Lemurians looking in my direction as we passed and it seemed like I knew them and they knew me.

Aside from what I was experiencing in the moment, there was a moment of stark realization that our two current worlds have connection.  In many places I saw what looked like drawings etched in the crystal walls.  I believed I had seen similar drawings in a Mt Shasta gallery that looked just like what I was seeing.  I mentioned it to Alex and he smiled confirming that they were illustrations of codes in a galactic translation.  They seemed to be the same images I saw at BlueStarChild Gallery.  Alex knew the proprietor Ha-Ru-Ko and yes, her inspirations were some of the etchings on the walls.  The two that struck me as that which I had seen before in Ha-Ru-Ko’s shop were called the Stargate to the Golden Age and the New Angelic Code / New Blueprint for Humanity.

Alex explained that Telos had 5 levels and we wouldn’t see them all and almost immediately, we were on the third level.  Here we hovered over about seven acres of land with gardens producing crops continuously using hydroponic technology organically.  He did say that they place organic minerals into the water for the plants but that the energy, light and vibration of Telos enhanced their harvests quickly.  No fertilizers of any kind that would deplete the soil.  The fourth level had a little more hydroponic gardening, some manufacturing and large areas of natural parks.  The large percentage of people lived on the first level in most of the “city” with public buildings, administration and several temples.  The second level is production, manufacturing and schooling facilities.  The fifth level is dedicated to nature.  Trees, lakes in a park-like atmosphere along with plants and animals that disappeared from the surface long ago.  Every sentient being including animals are vegetarian and do not eat each other.  Totally harmonious with no fear or aggression.

I should stop here to try and describe the beauty of the city built with crystals and precious metals – it was reminiscent of fairy tale visions I’ve had.  However any explanation I could provide would not do this magnificent place justice.  I did have one notable memory of passing through an inner tube that was lined with the most beautiful crystals that would change color depending on your perspective.  It was like a living kaleidoscope.

Alex told me about their two forms of governing …  Telos has a king and queen, Ra and Rana Mu, both twin flames and Ascended Masters.  They are the ultimate rulers over Telos.  Then there is the Lemurian Council of Light of Telos.  12 ascended masters, 6 men and 6 women to balance the masculine with the feminine divinity.  The thirteenth member of the Council is Adama, head High Priest of Telos where he officiates as the leader of the Council to make the final decision in matters where there may be an even vote.  Members of the Council are selected according to their level of spiritual attainment.

We found ourselves outside the entrance of what looked like a meeting room attached to one of the temples.  This was the Council Chamber and it was the most magnificent place of its kind I had ever seen.  It was a huge space with crystal floors, walls and a soaring ceiling over a round table centered on the room with 13 seats.  The table was made of wood with the most beautiful grain and crystals imbedded in it.  The crystal walls were radiating a soothing energy that felt like a room flooded with unconditional love.  Five others joined us here.  Four women and a man I immediately recognized as Adama.  The six of them each positioned themselves in front of a chair next to one another and invited me to take a seat between them all.  Adama began by introducing himself and his title.  Then each in turn, did the same.  Apologetically, I can only recall the name of one of the women who is She-Ah-Ma (I’m not sure how to spell it, but this is it phonetically).  As the discussions started, it appeared that she seemed to be “chairing” this meeting.

It is an understatement to say that I was unprepared for what transpired next.  I was about to learn why I was brought to Telos.  The most important revelation that this group agreed with what belief I held up to that moment was that Earth’s ascension would manifest during the winter solstice this year.  I was excited beyond words.  The Lemurians have waited since Mu disappeared long ago for this moment to arrive.  They have stayed “invisible” to surface humans for decades (my research found that the last documented contact with a surface human – not to be confused with channeling, had been in the early 90’s) and invisible for good reason.  Humans had proved to be not very good stewards of Earth and her gifts.  They were going to protect themselves from outside influences that might not appreciate Gaia and their lifestyle.  It wasn’t that they didn’t want to interact with surface humans, but they were going to wait until the time was right.

That brings us to me.  She-Ah-Ma explained to me that they were beginning preparations for the Event.  When humans ascend into 5th dimensional awareness, the Lemurians would make themselves known to us where we could exchange all manner of experience and knowledge from both realms that would benefit all.  Surface humans were not without desirable qualities because they possessed free will and the creativity associated with it.  The Universe was watching the Earth experiment with great interest to see the creativity of Earth humans.  It was the duality of earth stuck in the third dimension that showed that without a cosmic reset, nothing would change.  That reset is unfolding now.  The Lemurians were looking to establish contact with the right surface human(s).  She pointed out the criteria that I met was as follows:

1 – I demonstrated I can hold 5th Dimensional awareness.

2 – I am the Protector of Gaia **

3 – Their wish was that when ascension takes place, they wish to integrate back together with humanity and hoped I would be willing to act as an emissary between the two.

Adama spoke next and said he represented the unanimous consent of the Council in this matter and hoped that I would agree to assist when the time came.

I quickly dismissed the “why me” thought that popped into my consciousness and an overwhelming sense of gratitude, flattery and humility filled me.  I had said nothing during this meet and could only muster “of course, I would be honored” as the only words that would come to my aid.  And with that answer, our meeting was done.  We all rose from the table and bowed in each other’s directions.  It left me speechless.  Alex directed me back to the entry, where we got back onboard the hovercraft and returned me to the staging area where we first boarded at the bottom of the tube where I came in.  I asked if I would be able to return again and he replied “yes, when the time is right prior to the Event”.  I also asked if I was allowed to share my experience with others and he told me that as the Lemurian Council sees the Event as imminent, they had no objections to tell others.  That, and no one was going to find the way to Telos without aid from the Lemurians.

He expressed gratitude on behalf of all Lemurians for my willingness to do what was proposed.  He smiled, wished me farewell and the next thing I knew, I was back outside with my back against the bushes.  It took a moment or so for my eyes to adjust back to the sunlight and then the descent was a blur.  When my consciousness gathered itself, I realized I was back in the car.  I took my phone out of the Mophie to place it in a holder and plug it into the USB adapter.  With the adapter attached the phone fired back to life and I took one last picture from where I sat in the car toward the place on Shastina where I found that vortex.  It felt as though I was in Telos for hours but when I looked at the clock on my phone the timestamp was 14:44 (I switched my phone to military time long ago to pay attention to synchronicities).

It took me quite some time to begin to assimilate all the events that took place and I’m still going over each detail to burn into my Akash.  What I saw is part of what lies ahead for humanity if you have the courage and vision to believe it to be true.   We all believe in something.  I choose to believe in this.

Vivid imagination or prognostication?  You decide.

** another story for another time

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  1. Marion

    Wonderful. Beautiful.
    I feel nowhere near experiencing anything similar but I do believe in every single word. So much looking forward to read more from you…and somehow looking forward to receive more details on my mission whenever it might be the right time.

    Greetings from Wiesbaden, Germany

    1. Marion

      Hallo Marion
      So interessant das dein Name als erstes in den Kommentaren steht als ich den Telos Bericht gelesen habe. Mein Name ist auch Marion und lebe in der Nähe von Hannover.
      Ich war schon mehr mals in und auf Mount Shasta.
      Wenn du magst kannst du mir mal schreiben meine email ist
      Lemurische Grüße Marion ???????

  2. Zane

    I was in Pather Meadows with my family at that exact time last Sunday. WOW. I felt compelled to play my native flute at the top of the meadow. Such an amazing account of Telos. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lynette Britt

    Thankyou for sharing ?

  4. Marlene Kriston

    I went to My Shasta for the first time in August 2019 and was called back very quickly in October 2019. I’m feeling a strong pull to go back as soon as I can travel there from Massachusetts again. Your experience was BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I have heard of the winter solstice this year as being something big so reading this gave me chills!

    1. Lois Brisbois

      Thank you so much for the sharing. I had some experiences at Mt Shasta and Panther Meadow years ago. Your story helps me believe in them more solidly.

  5. Renata

    gratidão por me dar esse imenso prazer.


    I was there for the ANGEL PAGEANT IN AUGUST OF ABOUT 1989 OR 1990

  7. Wanda

    Hi I am choosing to Believe ♥️ Your experience brought tears to my eyes. I felt a familiarity to you experience that I can’t put into words. I felt the love for all beings in the translation of their beings when you sat with them. I’m still tearing. In my heart I know this to be true ♥️♥️♥️

  8. Caroline

    Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful experience that leaves me in awe. Thank you for affirming your belief in the coming events. It strengthens mine. My heart longs for connections with others who are ‘true’ believers. Just spoke out this wish this morning. And here you tell your story. Ik makes me humble and peaceful to know that those connections are already there. Thank you again ?? Caroline, from the Netherlands. ?✨

  9. Gail

    Eternal Knowingness shines It’s Light on your Experience. It will be interesting to see how many gather at Our Mountain on or around Winter Solstice. My first visit to The Mountain was in the 80’s, and She has played a huge role in my Awakening. I not alone in this! We are all Blessed to be able to share your experience. Thank you for doing your part …?

  10. Shelley (Shining Moon)

    What an incredible experience! The fact that I was led this morning upon seeing a FB post, which led me to your site, which led me to read this confirms I needed this confirmation. Recently while in mediation I was given information about my origins and my purpose at this time on earth. I’m still working to understand the information I received and at the same time, have an understanding that I do not need to “figure it out” as I am “doing the work I came to earth to do”.

  11. Dr.Dora

    Thank you for sharing your your Mt. Shasta experience .. I am from Poland living now for 10 y. in FL… 3+ y. ago I read a little TELOS book, liked the story ;-), tried to connect to ADAMA… nothing happened then, but I was somehow drawn to Pleiadians and Lemurians, din’t understand why … then end of last year I started to work more consciously in direction to 5D, a friend send me Kryon channelings and I learned about Lemurian/Pleiadian. And now I am again back lead to TELOS? Wondering why I feel this calling? I never was very spiritual, always Earth grounded, but since covid started I spend most of my time with 5D work … it is like on steroids 😉 and sometimes I feel so tired. I enjoy every day of this my journey, but would love to get some hints how to keep grounded and in balance 😉
    when Covid stated, in May Ifelt a strong urge to fly to Mt. Shasta … but I don,t wear the mask so I couldn,t go on the plane… but one day when this all will be over I will visit there, also Hawai, they are on my bucket list… meanwhile working on my energy of love and 5D … any hints, who to contact, to get initiated? greetings to all with Light and LOve Dr. Dora… the Explorer 😉

    1. starbuck

      The fact that you have awareness of 5D and Mt Shasta means you are already on your ascension way! Stay tuned Dora, we are all in this together! ?

  12. Aleya

    Starbuck, Thank you for sharing your experience, and the message given to you. I was invited to the Lemurian Family Circle this morning (I don’t know why) but accepted and immediately found your post. It warmed my heart immensely. I have just found Aurelia’s writings and Mt. Shasta Light Publishing and am devoting myself to learning from Adama and the Masters. This follows a year after my return from five years living in the Arctic, where I was shown many things and grew in spiritual enlightenment. Your experience and message inspires, strengthens and encourages me. Blessings and gratitude to you! Love and Light, Aleya.

  13. Erna

    Spend last week visiting a friend in Weed with view of the mountain and the beautiful stars.
    Esp the 1st night I slept very deeply and now wonder if I was taken into the mountain.
    Just like last year when I slept thru a thunderstorm of what my comrades said no one would have slept thru.
    We can journey into Telos in our sleep if we ask.

  14. Heather Atkins

    Thank you so very much for sharing your story. You have no clue how much this resonates with me. Your experience brought me in Telos with you. I have been called to Mt. Shasta for many years but not until this last year was I aware why. This year I have been several times but have not been back since September. My sisters and I climbed her in September. I am hoping that I will be able to travel back soon. My soul calls for me to be there under her shawdow. Sending much love and Light to you.

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