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My shit or get off the pot moment has arrived. The Universe says shit well. Here comes what I know:

The following is the transcription of the YouTube video I posted declaring the decision to share openly what I know for humanity:

I am here to do what I can to help you raise your vibration – not from anything from me (I’m an Interpreter, Observer and a Guide) – it’s all about you unlocking what is inside of you waiting to become known. Your awareness is broadening so you can manifest it into your physicality. If I were in your ethereal shoes, I’d pay greater attention to the wonder around you that opens up to interactions with higher dimensions, because that magick is about to become more reality.

Disclosure Gold

It’s time you learn who I am … not this human avatar Lowell Johnson but higher benevolent Aspects communicating through my vessel. I don’t always know the names of who comes through and I make a point not to say who the expression is from, so as not to influence how you receive it. When asked, I will give you my observation, but it is no more than that – simply an observation for your consideration. The challenge will be whether your being vibrates at a high enough level to comprehend what I’ll be sharing. The expressions are always framed in as a perspective for you to consider from higher realms and apply your intuitive discretion to. I’ll hold up a mirror for you to see for yourself, objectively – that what you see in others is an expression of yourself. I’m here to remind you that a human being’s very nature is peace, unity, love and compassion. The current conditions that you allow into your field shape your reality. Thoughts become things – and when you’ve allowed distortion into your field it is simply physics – it will render it changed. How do you take back control of that process?  – cease immediately giving away your attention (and consequently your power) – it only feeds the energy of your current focus (where attention goes … energy flows).

Consider this: (Characteristic One) every human wants to feel and express love at its soul’s essence. Earth was a 3rd dimensional experiment in duality. No matter where you stand on metaphysics and the spiritual side of yourself, you are an immortal soul riding around in this carbon avatar that wears out in 80-100 years. Part of your purpose as a spark of Source is to help Spirit learn more about itself. So your higher self agrees to a soul contract during each incarnation with which, you have agreed to learn to master a set of lessons. They will be unique to you but what mastery you gain in manifestation of that particular gift at the end of the lesson is yours alone and like no one else. Wasn’t meant to be anyone else dear human, you are truly a gift to the Tribe and the collective. You are considerably more than you realize you are while you play this role out.

Now there are two camps of individuals as is the case of every 3D evaluation in this density: the Service to Others and the Service to Self beings. It’s fairly easy for you to see who is who these days and the space in between has rapidly evolved (some may say deteriorated) to such extreme diametric biases. Understand it is mostly ego-driven fear reflexes. From a higher perspective – I’m here to assure you that the Others vastly outnumber the Self, Self just always seems to be louder but Self is fading away as even these souls are being triggered by something greater than themselves. But Self – as you can see around you doesn’t give way easily – assuredly however, everything has an expiration date in this physical realm and greater Light is pouring in. Let me refer to your attention back to (Characteristic One) and point out that even those who selfishly display little to no regard or empathy for others beyond themselves essentially want love too. The Selfs are still humans learning lessons.

I had to come to terms with what Aspects chose me to communicate through. My Ego steps aside and surrenders to Higher Aspects who then share their wisdom. I am not channeling a God as some 3D perspectives may suggest – take what I present you and discern for yourself if it resonates with you. You can be assured I will always dispense it from a space that knows we are all empathically connected together as One. Love, unity and compassion are foundational realities in the realms I habit and beyond. The time for me to help teach the rest of you how to get to vibrate at this level has arrived and there’s really no time to squander. Then from within yourselves, you’ll experience your own cognition of such dimensional phenomenon returning to your awareness. Your dreams were / are experiences. Expand your mindset to allow for things you have yet to experience and things beyond your current level of knowledge. If you haven’t already, develop a meditative pattern in each day until it becomes a permanent part of your being – your metaphysical side is screaming for attention. Push Ego aside – it has its place, but it no longer captains the ship. You are in control and undeniably capable of doing what you so expertly do. Your Higher Self is waiting to carry you through the Shift. Earth’s evolution of its consciousness is nearly complete and I am here to do what I can to ensure that each Sovereign human soul is given every opportunity to choose to raise their personal level such that it will be consistent with New Earth’s final rendition of her vibrational level. Anything in the lower densities will entropy away naturally and the cycle begins again for each soul. Some souls may choose to complete 3D lessons, it just won’t be on New Earth as the physics of the matter is that Earth no longer vibrates at that density and can’t support expressing anything lower. Remember: Earth’s evolution cycle is cosmic and assured. We are only sentient critters living on her surface and about to be faced with our personal ascension choice.

First I had to have the ability to speak about such things intelligently – then I went through a process to develop the willingness to do so. I couldn’t care less about attention and fame and wealth, clicks, likes or views. Had I – I hoped you would have authentically sensed an agenda not of your own and stopped listening. You can see the appeal to people who like to get attention to make an enterprise out of connections to higher realms. I’ve seen many falling victim to attention, power and money and the real message gets muddled – they seem to like to direct the narrative to influence you to often purchase something from them to get something in return that you need. Be advised: your connection to higher realms doesn’t come through anyone else. THAT – is what I had zero interest in, which is why I’m one chosen to come forward to speak to you from a higher dimensional perspective of love, unity, peace and compassion. I have always been willing to help those I care for to gain their own command of a loving perspective of everyone else. For me, that includes all of you. No more sides. There are no sides. That is a 3D construct on its way out – get used to the idea. Refine your knowledge of Light and dark energy matters. Which do you believes prevails in the end? You get to choose and your choice in return helps feed the collective energy. Believe me … there is much greater Light influence here – and to come – that you have not fully realized – much less embraced. Everyone’s DNA is cracking open making them curious about how to restore all that knowledge we’ve built up over many incarnations. Triggers come in many ways to get your attention and I see it in more and more people showing up looking for answers.

I now have access to many.  Here I am … be prepared for the answers.

Namaste 🤟 Starbuck

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