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The Infinity Breath

The Infinity breath starts here:

1. First, affirm that you will use this gift for the highest good of all, and that your desire is to be of service and align your will with that of the Creator. Nothing will be asked of you that you cannot accomplish, my dear brave ones, and the rewards of championing the Creator’s Cause will be showered down upon you first, and then radiated out to the world.

2. Read these words until you understand the exercise and can visualize the process. Then, close your eyes, as you allow your angelic helpers or Higher Self to assist you, and the energetics of your breath and the frequencies of Light flow smoothly and powerfully through your body.

3. Take a deep breath and center your consciousness in your Solar Power Center, which we will now refer to as your SPC. Envision, however you perceive, your SPC being filled with the Divine Light Particles of Creation.

4. As you breathe deeply, feel the energy begin to build and travel up your back/spinal column. This energy permeates the Medulla Oblongata* where the spinal column and the lowest part of your brain are connected, which contains nerve centers that control breathing and circulation, and which also connects to the Ascension Chakra.  The energy of Light moves through the Ascension Chakra and out the back of your head in an arch about six inches above, as it sweeps down before your face and enters the SPC again. It continues its journey down the back/spinal column and out the root chakra in an arch, and then up the front of your body as it returns once again to the SPC, gaining more energy, Light and power with each breath.

5. Continue the process of deep rhythmical breathing as you visualize this INFINITY SIGN of Light/Power arching further and further above your head and deeper down into the Earth, returning to your SPC with each rhythmic cycle. Continue the process as long as is comfortable, knowing that as you incorporate more of these precious Light Particles, it will magically accelerate the process of cleansing and clearing your physical vessel of any discordant energies and filling the vacancies with Creator Light substance. You will also be accessing more and more of the higher dimensional thought forms of new Creation, anchoring them in your physical reality and deep within the Earth as well.

Transmitted by Ronna Herman

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