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ZanAffirmation: 220405 – ZEN


ZanAffirmation: 220405

April 5, 2022


Anywhere I Am, I Am connected to the most High Energy Source that is me as me. I know I can never be separate from from that which created me in Its likeness. In this now moment I go deeper into knowing the enormity of how truly charmed my life is.

To be in a ZEN state of mind, I quiet my body, still my thoughts and listen with my intuition. When all of these components are in alignment, I find that in those moments, minutes, hours, and days that they all become like water off a ducks back, as they go so smoothly, which allows me to express myself authentically. There is a simplicity to being ZEN, as I can achieve this state anywhere and anytime I choose to do so. I know when I focus my attention on anything, that I will bring into fruition exactly what it is I Am focusing on. Sometimes being ZEN looks like nothing is happening, but behind the scenes, meaning deep within myself there is a continuous vibration that radiates only Love, and attracts like minded Tribe and situations. Today I choose to apply my ZEN state of mind on what it is at the core of myTruth, so that I may bring it forth and that I may experience it. ZEN behavior allows me to act and react according to my highest and best selves wants and desires.

Always as I continue on this path of life, steeped in thanksgiving, I Am guided to my next right indicated steps in my life. Anywhere I Am, I Am the embodiment of someone who knows the power of gratitude. In this gratitude, I Am unstoppable. I know this word is already done unto me as I believe, and I simply say thank you Life.

And so It is.


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