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ZanAffirmation: 220504 – WHIMSICAL


ZanAffirmation: 220504

May 4, 2022


There are many blessings in my life that directly correlates to Source Energy. This Energy is fueled by Love, and It is what created me in Its likeness. I Am united always with what created me to live out loud and as bold as I choose to be.

When I Am completely WHIMSICAL, at times I Am not in my body while being WHIMSICAL which can effect simple things like remembering where I parked my car LOL. Knowing I have a WHIMSICAL nature comes with being responsible while behaving in a capricious way. I lean into this fanciful way of being knowing it is magnificently magical and full of surprises. There is a fairy like quality that comes with behaving WHIMSICAL, that I embrace in myself and in others. My guides have given me angels to help navigate when I Am in a WHIMSICAL state, and this is a precious and rare gift I hold dear to my heart. When I Am WHIMSICAL things can occur very suddenly, as a WHIM strikes my fancy. I embrace my unusual and at times unpredictable nature of my WHIMSICAL side, knowing it is playful rather than serious which brings many new gifts into my world. I enjoy my WHIMSICALNESS and the humor that comes along with it. My spontaneity can be described as WHIMSICAL as I generally jump in both feet first. Today I will allow the sweetness of being WHIMSICAL and the eccentric nature of feeling WHIMSICAL to shine new light on my journey.

Having a good natured attitude leans into the way I Am thankful. Being thankful is a gift and a blessing, and daily I get opportunities to say thank you and to show my gratitude for someone or something. There is no spot my thankfulness is not, and I just let go and let it be.

And so It is.


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