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ZanAffirmation: 220511 – WHELM


ZanAffirmation: 220511

May 11, 2022


There is a never ending Energy Blossom that is in and through me and All of Life. This vortex of Light, Love, and Opulence is my birthright. I have an overflow of All the Greatness that is me, as me and I can never be separate.

When I am in any state of WHELM I am submerged in an abundant surge of energy and insight. With this insight of my WHELM state, I Am able to turn something that could be covered, and seek something new. In this newness I uncover more amazing ways of WHELM states that allow me to overcome anything that is unlike my magnificence and to be completely engulfed in Spirit. I Am a glowing never ending, non-ceasing, body of exquisite Light. In the state of WHELM I see the power, the pleasure, and at times the hilarity and admiration of myself, knowing that I can do anything my minds eye can see. Anywhere I Am, I Am always at choice ready to shift and redirect my energies into knowing I Am a sovereign being who serves my Souls purpose here on earth. Anytime, anywhere, all I ever need to do is suit up, show up, and be true to my own Divinity knowing all my states of WHELM support my most authentic life lived. Today I will take time to be submerged in self care, and allow a new freedom of being SUPERWHELMED with the sheer fact of how extraordinary I Am, every moment of everyday.

I Am super charged with gratitude this day as my angels and guides continue to show me my magnificence just as I Am, and just as I have yet to be.

And so It is.


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