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ZanAffirmation: 220422 – WARRIOR


ZanAffirmation: 220422

April 22, 2022


The continuous surge of Light and Love are abundant as they continue to guide me, support me, and embrace the totality of all I was created to be and do. I Am always in Perfect alignment with what it is I seek, as It has also sought me.

Inside me lives and breathes the heart of a WARRIOR. I Am fiercely loyal, and will suit up show up and do what is put in front of me at the drop of a hat. My WARRIOR is pure one hundred percent Love, and will always be present to be as big as I was created to be. Knowing my WARRIOR soul, I Am able to be my most authentic self. I absolutely know everything that happens in my life happens for my best and most authentic selves discovery of more greatness. When I allow life to unfold organically I Am allowing my WARRIOR to be present while being an observer of those around me. My WARRIOR has great courage, and is energetically connected to Gaia. Today as I show up ready to embrace my magnificent life, I will look at all the attributes my WARRIOR has. I know without a doubt these attributes attract more like minded WARRIORS into my life ready to continue to live out loud, making contributions as well as making difference together. Where more than one WARRIOR spirit is gathered, I know all things are possible.

Each and every moment of every day I Am always afforded the opportunity to express my gratitude for all life is. In my thankfulness my vibration matches that of my Creator, and all things are probable. I know my Souls energy expands, and multiples back to me abundantly.

And so It is.


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