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ZanAffirmation: 220423 – VILLAGE


ZanAffirmation: 220423

April 23, 2022


There is a constant calm that radiates Love in and through everything I do and say. I know this blessed calm to be my Union with the One. In my Union, there is a communion with an everlasting Energy that is me as me.

Daily in my life I have opportunities to surround myself with others who vibrate at a common core level. Herein lies the blessings of having a VILLAGE. It is here in creating a VILLAGE, that said VILLAGE gets to show up, suit up, take care and empower each other in any realms desired. There is a saying “It takes a VILLAGE”, and why this is significant to me is, it allows me to remember at times we all require our VILLAGERS assistance in getting to our next steps on our journey. One of the things that makes me so appreciative is, there are times when my VILLAGE is literally just one extra person, and that person has so many components that they empower me as if they were hundreds of people. This type of Light, Love, and support from any person in my VILLAGE always brings me back to center, allowing me to remember my own Light, Love, and that I live in a world that is opulent, and wants to mirror back to me my deepest desires always.

In the center of my eternal self, I Am steeped in the knowingness that my attitude of gratitude allows Source to unfold my most exceptional life ever. I Am blessed beyond words, and my life is absolutely charmed.

And so It is.


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