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ZanAffirmation: 220214 – VALENTINE


ZanAffirmation: 220214

February 14, 2022


Love is what created All. It is in this Love that we are all connected through the common thread of Unity. I Am that which created me in Its likeness, which is Perfect, Holy, and Divine.

On this day of VALENTINES the race consciousness is heightened around Love, and what I know to be the Truth is that when many energies are on the same page, this combined energy is unstoppable! So I say yay to unstoppable VALENTINE energy of Love. For me in my Truth, everyday is VALENTINES day because it starts with my self Love. In my own self Love, being grounded and steeped knowing I am an incredible creation in this dimension, I shine brighter then the brightest star because I Am also an unstoppable force of Love today and everyday. There is a Saint Valentine that I don’t know much about, but when I parallel the word Saint with how I live my life, and how I view the world around me, we are all our own unique form of Sainthood. It is so glorious for me to know that I get to live the Life I want, and I get to experience my life as it gets laid before my feet for my highest and best self to enjoy. As I sow, so shall I reap the current of this consciousness of VALENTINES Love.

Happy happy joy joy are the feelings that are bubbling up in my pattern of thanksgiving, as it is woven in and through all of me. I Am pure love and gratitude, that touches and works for the world around me. Being authentically me, I exude a continuous connection of grace and gratitude in all areas of my life. I lovingly release this word into the Law, knowing It is already so.

And so It is.


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