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ZanAffirmation: 220501 – UBUNTU


ZanAffirmation: 220501

May 1, 2022


Universal Truth is the center of Love, and the center of Love is what has been here for eternities. In this All encompassing Love I Am always the best and highest version of myself, and I can never be separate.

I just learned this word UBUNTU recently, and it really spoke to the core of my Soul. UBUNTU is an ancient African word meaning humanity to others, and it also means I Am because we are One. What UBUNTU brought up for me is a knowingness that UBUNTU is a universal core belief, and with that I get to have the bond of sharing my connection with all humanity. UBUNTU speaks of complete compassion for myself and others no matter what. My heart chakra can feel the true humanity and compassion of practicing UBUNTU. UBUNTU for me is filled with promise, forgiveness, hope, empathy, and empowering myself and others to see all the greatness we all are, no matter what misstep may have ever occurred. This is Christ Conciousness, the Law of One, is what I do inwardly and outwardly knowing my Divinity and my primary purpose as a Spiritual being. Today I will delve deeper into my understanding and awareness around this ancient art of UBUNTU, as I Am excited to lean into all the greatness I Am, and all the greatness I was created to express.

I Am amazingly highly favored, honored, and blessed by my continuing state of grace in my thanksgiving for this thing called life. Anytime, anywhere, at any moment I expect miracles. I know miracles are directly linked to my alignment with Source and grow exponentially in my gratitude.

And so It is.


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