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ZanAffirmation: 220409 – TRUST


ZanAffirmation: 220409

April 9, 2022


Mother, Father, God, all there is seen and unseen, I seek to know you through me as me, doing Thy highest Will for me with open arms.

When I believe in the character or strength in someone or something I have TRUST. My TRUST is simply the hope, the knowingness if you will that I Am being told the truth, as the truth and TRUST go hand in hand right down to the very core of my being. I have similar feelings of TRUST when I hold a person place or thing with confidence reliance and their integrity. This surety in TRUST and integrity is a confident expectation that TRUST is mutual and each party in the relationship knows to TRUST the other and to believe someone is good and honest and will always be truthful. Spiritually I TRUST my intuition and know it is my third eye that is in play guiding me into what serves my best and highest self, I will not ignore my intuition. I TRUST that my belief system will keep propelling me forward into the grand plan, that the Goddess has for me on my journey. Today I will take a deep dive into this word TRUST, and know everything in my world is complete around TRUST, to me and through me, and then dissolve anything that is unlike TRUST.

Gratefully I allow myself to be filled with self love, knowing as I stay in Divine alignment that my life continues to happen for me, and for this I Am eternally blessed. I will suit up show up, and with a thankful heart participate in this thing called life, knowing all is well.

And so It is.


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