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ZanAffirmation: 211228 – TRIBE


ZanAffirmation: 211228

December 28, 2021


Everywhere I Am, I Am grounded in the Light of the One. In this Light there are no shadows, just a map of all the potentiality’s that I possess to execute with Divine Love.

As I walk through this dimension I Am keenly aware that some of the people I encounter have been part of my TRIBE in another time. There are times when something just clicks when meeting what is actually a total stranger, but the familiarity is strong and cannot be denied as TRIBE. When these times occur I allow myself the Grace to be present and not judge, but just allow the unfoldment of what is always a beautiful experience of TRIBE energy. At times I feel as if I Am a Soul collector because the vibration of meeting new TRIBE for my life is so strong and the push to engage is overwhelming powerful. Today I will stay conscious and allow my best and most authentic self to listen to what is around me and be aware that the Universe will always send me more TRIBE that will continue to propel me exactly where I Am meant to be. I feel overjoyed knowing I have a great TRIBE already, and that the Light that I Am will continue to attract the TRIBE that will serve my highest greatness.

Allowing myself to stay steeped in Gratitude is the solid foundation of where my life continues to unfold easily and effortlessly. I live in a world that is abundantly blessed beyond measure, and I simply say thank you Life!

And so It is.


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