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Transmuting Negative Energy into LIGHT.

Transmute negative energy into Light

Transmuting negative energy into Light

What does that mean?

Just what does transmuting negative energy into Light mean?

Ever since Kumu had planted in my awareness the thought that I possessed the ability to move energy –

This was the one thought that has been resonating with me to resolve. How do I do it? Turns out there’s more than one way to move energy … because I was focused on the physical idea of what that looks like – I neglected to also see the ability to move Light energy and direct it ethereally. Literally, transmuting negative energy to Light.

One one hand, it’s a rush like no other in service to others, observing from that higher dimensional perspective. On the other hand it can be ethereally exhausting lowering vibration when doing so – and now that I know the difference, where I direct my attention with this Light energy – my discernment demands matching my vibration.

Over the last few weeks many manifestations of magick I intended have come through in miraculous ways that are still unfolding, and in looking back on the timeline … I left my impression on some tribe re-assembling at this intersection of our journeys. One manifestation I had worked toward re-joining is finally present and as in every case where the Universe has sent me, let’s call it “MyIntentPlus+” my gratitude for my mirror is overwhelming and multiplies my awareness geometrically.

Awareness is messy – there I said it. I thought of candy-coating it for you and then dismissed that description immediately. My mirror is on a journey of her own, with lessons to complete and cords to dissolve. I have been mindfully vague about her Sovereign journey because it is hers to direct and my primary unconditional Love & Light are connected to / through her. I share this with tribe from my participation’s perspective to illustrate one example of transmuting negative energy into Light.

It’s no longer a mystery to me on what I am to do with the Light energy I was given in August. Help and heal the world. One at a time if need be. Remember you are the Alchemist who has mastered transmutation. Use your wisdom and perform magick by transmuting negative energy into Light, thereby raising the vibration in your immediate aura.

The Universe had chosen on this particular timeline intersection a Dark Night of the Soul for her (clearly not her first), but when I say “night” this particular process was spread over 3 days and during the process the lesson was hammered home a second time for good measure – to make certain her awareness of what was best for her higher self was at the forefront of her thoughts because she knows she co-creates her environment.

She had found her way to that comfortable place chasing sensations where she had been part of that experience for so long. A glass of wine here, a cocktail there, and then and then and then. The matter ingested to create euphoria didn’t show her higher dimensions. I helped her crack open that connection to her higher self with it’s creativity and she could now discern between chasing sensations and touching higher dimensions through her higher self.

Once you experience that dimensional perspective of yourself at that vibration … you want perfect clarity while it’s happening to appreciate what you are taking in – and you can’t connect to that pure state when yours is altered.

My role in all this was primarily as an Observer, which is not an easy thing to do when your core is entangled. Objectivity shades everything, but at some point I will be positioned to report on my findings. While the condition plays itself out … as it always has, the potential for unintended collateral damage exists and given potential extremities in lessons can be substantial. Anything inside her aura is going to be affected – including you … she’s dropped her vibration and you know what a bitch it is to raise. There’s no “decision” to be made – you mirror Unconditional Love through the Light you received from your Light brothers and sisters back to her until it takes hold. That takes an environment where the other “sees” you as lovingly one with them while the lesson is learned and awareness rises.

Yes, I was happy to assign myself the task of seeing her through this Night, but was totally unaware of the price I would pay to transmute this negative energy once and for all. It manifested itself physically and I was drained afterward for a day. You see – you know, energy never ends, it just changes form and when its in form – it can be moved. Hence why Reiki is so effective when you vibrate at that level. Few people know how to take their inherent ability to heal by breathing their intent out to the Universe and actually use it. My mirror was at a stage where she could see her blockage but didn’t know how to dissolve it. She wasn’t yet equipped to heal herself – but I was / am. I would be there to witness her eventually cut those cords after seeing them for what they are. I’d be the one to transmute this negative energy with my Light and in the process not only assist in healing her as well as awakening her own inherent Light ability to heal others accordingly.

I took one for the team that sequence. I learned through my first empathic connection waaaay back in April to another’s timeline that the experience was no “parlor trick” and I wouldn’t consider doing it outside family because I understood the consequences. Well, I had a key to help her unlock her own wisdom of course, I would happily do anything for her … that was a reminder to me of “to whom much is given, much is expected”. I wasn’t given my connection to Light without purpose and that purpose is to help others get in touch with their own Light connection.

You should see the Light radiate from her now.



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