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ZanAffirmation: 211119 – TOUCH


ZanAffirmation: 211119

November 19, 2021


Thoughts, words, and deeds are all forms of Prayers that keep me connected to Source Energy. In being an authentic child of the Creator I can never fail or be separate from the Truth of who I Am, and what I Am supposed to do in this life.

I know there is something extraordinary that happens when any human TOUCH is made with someone. For instance when I hug someone especially if I hug that person where my head goes on the left side of their head and makes it a heart to heart hug, there is always an undeniable surge of energetic exchange. TOUCH happens not only in the physical sense, but TOUCH also happens in an ethereal sense. What I mean by this is that TOUCH or being TOUCHED happens often in my heart space. When someone takes a moment to share sacred space with me in conversation this TOUCHES my Soul. I Am a Spiritual Being in a human suitcase (my body) here to explore and experience all forms of TOUCH. Today I will explore in my minds third eye, hugging myself and others, the sweetness of holding hands, the pleasure of kissing, the kindness in a gentle TOUCH on a shoulder, the compassion of TOUCHING someone with my words, and oh so much more as I live in a world where I Am unstoppable. Knowing that I Am unstoppable I realize on clearly another dimensional level that I came into this world already TOUCHED by Gaia.

In quite an extraordinary way this day I Am overflowing with such a deep sense of thanksgiving that if you were to put a black light on me I would aluminate in a multidimensional way so all could see and that could not be denied. Feeling incredibly blessed for living my most authentic life, I know this word is Truth.

And so it is.


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