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ZanAffirmation: 220725 – THANK YOU


ZanAffirmation: 220725

July 25, 2022


There is an All Knowing comforter of Love that created everything from Pure Light and Love. This Majestic Knowingness has laid a footprint upon my Soul, and has asked me to be the All of me’s right here and right now.

I have so much energy that vibrates on such an extraordinary level with these two words THANK YOU. When my mouth utters the words THANK YOU, they have already been percolating from the depths of my core essence, where all things are birthed from. Here in what is like my own secret garden, I Am filled with the knowingness that THANK YOU is a beginning point for more miraculousness to occur. The secret of my THANK YOU garden is that I maintain this said garden with a continuous flow of consciousness that acts like water, air, soil, and love as it keeps manifesting Divine right actions in my life. I say THANK YOU not just in the form of words, but in the form of my actions and reactions to my most mystical life I get to have. At times these two English words THANK YOU need a bit more oompah pah for me to clearly convey to someone or something just how incredibly grateful I Am for any said experience I Am having. THANK YOU for me is an action statement that allows the Universe to know the level of my awareness to people, places, and things that surround me in my life. Today as I walk into my day as a benevolent sovereign being, I allow the statement THANK YOU to resonate on an entirely different level. I consciously align myself with other like minded individuals that know, it is THANKFULNESS that is one of my common denominators that keeps me connected and grounded as I continue to grow deeper with the Divine.

Whatever language of speech I use to say in gratitude, I know It is the language that comes from my actions and my vibration with gratitude, the fire of gratitude if you will ,that is the never ending supply of my Light. It is here I Am blessed, highly favored, and gifted.

And so It is.


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