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ZanAffirmation: 220421 – SYMBOL


ZanAffirmation: 220421

April 21, 2022


Whatever way I position my physical body, my internal body can always be in Divine alignment with Truth. This Truth is and always will be, that I Am complete, whole and perfect, just as I Am and just as I have yet to re-remember my Truth.

In my life I get so many signs that in some way are a SYMBOL of which course, which path to walk down next. There are times when I look into my minds eye, and use a symbol like a Yield sign to have me pause, and assess which course is for my highest selves next right action. Two of my all time favorite SYMBOLS are the hand sign for Love, and the infinity sign. Both of these SYMBOLS go hand in hand as Love is eternal, and the infinity SYMBOL is a continuum of all thing’s Mystical. There are other simple SYMBOLS that also play a part in my day to day life, such as a smile, a hand shake, the caress of a cheek, a wink of any eye, and so so many more. All the non verbal SYMBOLS in my life allow me to be completely peaceful while saying a big mouthful of amazing things. Today I will seek a new SYMBOL that creates more joy, love and laughter in my life knowing I Am spectacular, I Am unstoppable and I Am a beacon of light to myself and the world around me.

There is something that always feels so empowering, and that something is having a grateful heart. My heart expands into a new normal daily as I continue to lean into the Truth of who I Am. I Am always blessed when my gratitude is in the forefront of everything, as it is the beacon that illuminates all that is magnificent.

And so It is.


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