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ZanAffirmation: 220320 – SPRING


ZanAffirmation: 220320

March 20, 2022


I have a continued feeling inside myself of sitting in a Lotus position, this position in my minds eye brings the Truth that I Am in complete connection with my highest and best self. This self was created from Perfect Love, and I can never be separate.

SPRING for me represents a new kind of birth if you will. It is where in my heart space I feel like light and dark are in a beautiful harmonious dance at the same time. Literally speaking SPRING is going from a winter season where trees and other types of foliage have lost there leaves and look barren, to where you now start to see new buds and life appearing on what was once naked. How this plays into my life is that anytime anywhere I Am able to create my own new buds, and everyday no matter what literal season it is, I Am always at choice for creating new buds in my life. Sometimes when I intentionally take space to be still and quiet, it is here that I see what a gifted and blessed life I live. As a creative being, I Am choosing this day to SPRING into action, and water those buds in my life that support who I have come here to be. Today a priceless gift I have, is knowing I have everything inside myself that I will ever need to live my best life ever, and I intend to do just that!

There is a sublime serenity I feel from the depth of my Soul, that completely equals a knowingness of thankfulness. This thankfulness I Am, is also something that is palpable as my vibration raises anytime I Am in gratitude. I give great thanks for this Truth knowing this day is blessed and so Am I.

And so It is.


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