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ZanAffirmation: 220118 – SPONGE


ZanAffirmation: 220118

January 18, 2022


As I recognize Source in and around me I see my path so clearly lighted for me. It is on this illuminated path that I find everything I’ve ever sought, laid at my feet to propel me into where it is I Am supposed to be.

I Am laughing out loud this day as the word SPONGE ruminates in my minds eye. I Am not generally surprised by the word that gets downloaded daily for my writings, but I must say todays SPONGE is a bit of a surprise. What I know about a literal SPONGE is it absorbs. When I take this knowledge into my Spiritual self I Am reminded that I Am a SPONGE myself. I crave and seek to know things on a deeper level and that makes my SPONGE like curiosity soak it All in. By being a SPONGE I Am able to attract like minded Tribe, and discover the many assets that I Am because, I soak up all that makes my heart soar and my Soul sing. Today I will focus on what it is my SPONGE is absorbing. I will pay close attention to make sure that my SPONGE only soaks up that which furthers my best and highest self.

I Am beyond blessed and grateful for my curiosity that keeps me in alignment with where I Am supposed to be on a daily basis. Life is truly a gift, a full on buffet, and I want a taste of it all!

And so It is.


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