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ZanAffirmation: 220514 – SOARING


ZanAffirmation: 220514

May 14, 2022


In this Opulent world I live in, I Am United with Source Energy in every molecule of my being. Each fiber of me is whole, complete, and perfect, just as I Am.

My mind ponders in a curious way today, when a bird is SOARING if they have in bird language for what they are doing or if they call what they are doing as SOARING as well . I know I Spiritually SOAR when I allow all my senses to be in alignment with Grace and allow each moment to unfold organically. There are so many ways I show up in this world allowing myself to SOAR, and to sit back and be in awe of how truly wonderful it is to be alive as I Am SOARING. No matter what, my life, this journey, is here to be lived out loud, SOARING as high as I can possibly go allowing each and every moment to be filled with an abundance of Light and Love. Today when I see a bird, I will consciously know, I too Am free as a bird, as I get to continue to live my most extraordinary life ever.

On the wings of Love I Am steeped in the gratitude of knowing all is well. As I let go and let the Universe mirror back to me my most extraordinary life experiences I breathe in a deeper sense of thankfulness for life, knowing as it is said, so it is done.

And so It is.


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