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ZanAffirmation: 220121 – SIMPLE


ZanAffirmation: 220121

January 21, 2022


There are many many names for Love, the Creator, Source, Spirit, and oh so so many more, what they have in common is that they are all One no matter the name. I was created in the likeness of this One, and I Am always connected to this Source Energy.

My Life is absolutely extraordinary! When I Am mindful of the SIMPLICITY of Life, all things fall into place easily and effortlessly. It is in the SIMPLE way I view my life, that I Am most rewarded and most abundant. My Soul yearns for a SIMPLE way of living, knowing all the riches of my world are here and ready for me to embrace at any time. What I Am aware of in my manifesting on my journey, is that it is in the most SIMPLE areas where I Am Free, knowing the Truth of who I came here to be. It is my responsibility to myself to live the life I want and so richly deserve, unencumbered by white noise, knowing I Am enough, just as I Am and just as I have yet to be. Today I will be mindful of just how easy it is to keep things SIMPLE no matter what, being aware that my vibration is connected to the heartbeat of my world. KISSN – Keep It SIMPLE Super Nova. I Am a SIMPLE Super Nova that is unstoppable!

I Am literally in awe of my charmed and magnificent life. This knowingness is where I co-create anything and everything from, this is my rock solid foundation of gratitude. When I Am grounded in rock solid gratitude, the Universe mirrors back to me that which I Am seeking, as the Universe wants nothing but the most glorious out picturing of my wildest desires. I let go and let this word be done in the Mind of the One.

And so It is.


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