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ZanAffirmation: 220502 – SERENDIPITY


ZanAffirmation: 220502

May 2, 2022


My good is my Goddess, and my Goddess is my greatness. In the vibration of my greatness lives and breathes the pricelessness of who I Am and what I have come here to do. Anywhere I Am, I Am supported by the Truth that I Am part of the Whole, and can never be separate.

SERENDIPITY is a phenomenon to me when I get to make discoveries by accident. It would seem an accident, however such said discoveries are literally a SERENDIPITOUS occurrence not an accident. I’m so fortunate that I have these occurrences and developments of events by chance that feed my soul. Anytime I Am aware of SERENDIPITY I see how the Universe is leading me into my next right indicated path in my life. SERENDIPITY happens often in my world, as I Am aware of what is happening around me and my life. It has been said that SERENDIPITY is luck, I believe SERENDIPITY happens because something new and wonderful needs to be birthed. What I know is a fact for me is, that because I expect miraculous events to unfold for me, they do. Today I will actively seek a SERENDIPITOUS moment and watch how amazingly more I Am blessed by this moment.

With every breath I breathe in, I Am in a continuous state of gratitude. My gratitude is like the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter, as my gratitude is always present yet sometimes can not be seen, because it comes from the inside out. This is the best day ever!

And so It is.


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