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ZanAffirmation: 220506 – SCINTILLATING


ZanAffirmation: 220506

May 6, 2022


The glow and warmth of Spirit lives and breathes through me as me. I Am literally a perfect child of God who has everything I could ever need or want in the core of my Soul. Anywhere I Am, It is as well.

I Am Absolutely a SCINTILLATING individual, I Am a very bright spark in this world and daily I emit my sparkling attitude to everyone I encounter. There is a twinkle a glow that I claim as my birthright because I know my SCINTILLATING behaviors are infectious to the world I live in. To know that no matter where I Am or who I Am around I Am completely authentically SCINTILLATING, as this knowingness propels me forward into a greater understanding of just how extraordinary I Am. To continue to be SCINTILLATING I Am focused, sharp, and I Am able to captivate and empower other like minded individuals who vibrate simultaneously with me as we share energy. Today I knowingly lean into my very own razzle dazzle of SCINTILLATING conversations with like minded Tribe, as we collectively raise the vibrations in our lives, as well as in our world around us. Where more than one is gathered, the sheer Energy Force of Light will always prevail and transmute anything unlike itself.

As I continue to elevate my consciousness, I also elevate my thankfulness. As I continue to be the best version of me I can be, I Am absolutely in awe of just how sacred my gratitude is to me. I release this word into The Law knowing it is already made manifest.

And so It is.


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