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ZanAffirmation: 220416 – SATISFY


ZanAffirmation: 220416

April 16, 2022


Opulent Divine giver of All, I Am One with your Presence, and I Am the Light from your Love. As this Divine Lover of All, I stay in alignment with what It is that makes my Soul sing.

When I SATISFY something, for me it means I have accomplished what I set out to do. In my life I have many avenues that I like to SATISFY. Sometimes I SATISFY my body with great food, sometimes I SATISFY my curiosity by asking questions, and sometimes I ask another to SATISFY what I may want to experience or do. All these ways to be SATISFIED are wonderful, and they all have a place in my life, and, what I really love to SATISFY myself with is, going on a deep dive daily into my connection with Source followed by my mediation practice. To know I Am living a full life, full of SATISFACTION, I get to keep showing up and being shown what my next right indicated steps will be, and how I can bring the utmost SATISFACTION to any said time, place, person, or event. I live in an opulent world where the Universe continues to conspire for my best and most high life lived, SATISFYING every whim that I wish to experience and express. It is my pleasure to be full of different ways I get to SATISFY my most amazing life, that always happens for my highest and greatest self no matter what. Today I will seek one area, one thing in my live and color outside the lines, and SATISFY something I’ve been curious about.

Today is the best day ever filled with an abundance of thankfulness that runs deep within and overflows into my life allowing everyone and everything to know just how important each component of my life is and where everything fits most perfectly. I simply say thank you Life.

And so It is.


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