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ZanAffirmation: 220404 – ROUTINE


ZanAffirmation: 220404

April 4, 2022


I Am a being who lives awake, or as some say I Am a woke being. This is the Truth of who I Am, as being awake leads me to staying in alignment with the greatest good, which for me is Source Energy.

In my lifetime I have had many different kinds of ROUTINES, and today my focus is on creating a new more empowered ROUTINE of self care. No matter what label I give a new ROUTINE, my intentions are always to stand in my Power and create newness that’s serves the totality of all the me’s that I Am. As I create a new ROUTINE to support myself and my life’s purpose, I will also take a look at any existing ROUTINE that needs to be dissolved to make room for what serves my highest and best self. Any ROUTINE, or as some would say any habit, is able to be transformed just by setting the intention, and daily following what is leading me to where it is I Am supposed to be. ROUTINES much like a habit, have both a light and dark side, and I lean into both of these areas of a ROUTINE, and shift my attention to better support exactly what is calling to be re-birthed through me as me.

I go into this day with enthusiasm and a grateful heart, knowing I Am able to accomplish anything I set out to do. I Am a marvel in this world, and I get to live my life out loud and unapologetically knowing all is well.

And so It is.


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