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ZanAffirmation: 220513 – ROOT


ZanAffirmation: 220513

May 13, 2022


Spirit guides me to be the most extraordinary being I Am able to be with It’s unconditional Love. Love lives, breathes, and encompasses every ounce of my Soul knowing I Am forever One with the Creative.

I Am firmly connected and ROOTED to the totality of all of me’s even before my current human suitcase. My ROOT chakra grounds me deep into Mother Earth as my vibrations align with all the greatness life has to offer every moment of everyday in this dimension. What I know to be my Truth is, that the ROOT cause of my Spiritual self began so long ago that as I re-remember exactly who I Am and where I first came to be, I get extremely excited allowing all my guides and angels to show me the absolute magnificence of who and what I Am. Daily in my meditation and prayers, I regroup myself as I Am mindful of all my chakra’s, aligning them to work in perfect harmony knowing anytime anywhere I can always amp up their frequencies to be deeper ROOTED in Source Energy. Today I know when I stay open at the top while being ROOTED in the Divines consciousness, I Am a manifesting bronco creating more and more greatness for my life, all the while giving back what has been so freely given to me.

Life is absolutely a buffet of mystical magick, that illuminates gratitude from the deepest part of who I Am, and how I show up in this world. Everywhere I Am, my gratitude is as well, ever expanding, ever growing, and always filled with a heart full of love and grace.

And so It is.


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