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ZanAffirmation: 220123 – REST


ZanAffirmation: 220123

January 23, 2022


As I see with my Minds eye I know I Am never alone. It is in this knowingness that my connection to Source Energy flourishes. I Am Love, and I Am Loved.

REST is very important not only for my body, but for my mind and my Spirit. For me when I Am at REST I Am in complete alignment knowing all is well. RESTING, literally RESTING all cylinders of what makes me me, is the best state of REST I can give myself. Growing up my parents use to say “There is no rest for the wicked”. I always found this to be confusing as a child, as it made me question Am I not sleeping or RESTING because I Am not wicked? If this were true I remember as a child I was happy because wicked literally means evil, or morally wrong (and I Am so opposite of this). To REST is part of my adult self care and allows me to be more fully present in my life. When I allow myself to just power down, I Am giving myself the gift of more time, allowing things to unfold organically. Today I will focus on taking opportunities to REST my already ready thinking mind, and know everything is unfolding in perfect alignment, and perfect timing in my life.

Breathing in the breathe of this electric vibration of gratitude, I Am at home in the heart of the One. Being thankful is in my DNA, and I know it is what allows my life to unfold swimmingly always for my highest, greatest and best life yet! I let go, and let the Universal Law mirror back to me this Truth.

And so It is.


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