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ZanAffirmation: 220723 – PLAN


ZanAffirmation: 220723

July 23, 2022


In the purity of Christ Conciseness I know I Am One, as we are all connected to the Truth of the Omnipresent Source of Love. Everywhere I Am, I Am never separate.

What an extraordinary gift my life is with unlimited possibilities for multiple PLANS. Each moment I choose to pause, I Am able to develop my own unique footprint on a PLAN that will support my greatest desires I wish to experience. In each PLAN I know I Am a co-creator with that PLAN. When I Am able to see with clarity what it is my heart do truly desires, I Am able to suit up, show up, and joyfully do what lays before me in any said PLAN. Even when I have a PLAN, I always allow room for life’s most miraculous gifts of spontaneity. These two factors of creative energy, a PLAN and spontaneity go together for me like peanut butter and jelly. Having clarity when I Am in stillness, I see how my path is a continuous illumination of Creators most glorious PLAN for me. I know the more authentic I Am in my life, the more my life unfolds for my absolute highest self. Today I PLAN on continuing to live MY life out loud, unapologetically, and uniquely me, as every part of me is an expression of Love. I Am a completely whole projection of all my PLANS, that have brought me to where I Am this day.

There is an unyielding balance of love, light, and gratitude that are three of the most precious things that make me who I Am. In this never ending supply of thankfulness I Am more and more the Spiritual being I was created to be. I let go and know this word is already made manifest.

And so It is.


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