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ZanAffirmation: 211127 – PALPABLE


ZanAffirmation: 211127

November 27, 2021


Every area of my life there is a connection to other Energies that light my path here on this plain. The journey, the roadmap that is laid before me is a Spiritual blueprint to live my best life yet. I know I Am Divinely guided to express all that I Am and all that I know.

There is an undeniable PALPABLE vibration in our world that is creative and urging me to be more than I’ve ever been. I suit up, show up, and graciously do what is put in front of me, as this is where a tremendous amount of PALPABLE energy exists. When all my Chakras are in alignment I can feel the surge of PALPABLE energy course through my being opening me up to experience what I was brought here to experience and who I was brought here to be. I realize that just because I may not see with my eyes the PALPABLE energies around me, I know they are real, I know they are Truth, and I know they exist because my energy is interwoven everywhere with them. It is truly a glorious knowingness to be aware of all the dimensions Life has and that Life is willing to make me a part of. In this mere fact what is calling me is profoundly PALPABLE.

I Am in awe with the above Truth and I feel as if my thankfulness has been clearly expanded to another realm, as I Am deeply rooted and connected to what the Truth of gratitude brings into my life daily. Simply said I Am thankful for my life.

And so it is.


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