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ZanAffirmation: 220510 – ORGANIC


ZanAffirmation: 220510

May 10, 2021


Being and living awake I feel the deep connection to Love, Source, Divine, Spirit and any other name our Creator has. No matter the name of this Universal presence I Am always One with It at all times.

ORGANIC has several meanings in my life. My body is my temple and I do my best to fuel it with ORGANIC foods that sustain my physical health. I Am also focused today on allowing things to unfold ORGANICALLY. When I Am conscious about not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and allow it to unfold ORGANICALLY, it is here that I find peace and Grace. When you think of the word ORGANIC it is almost always synonymous to “healthy“, “simple” and “natural“. So when I think of ORGANIC in the realm of relationships I naturally blend the three together. A healthy, simple and natural thing.

Knowing I Am abundantly Blessed, Highly favored and gifted I give great thanks for being a part of life as it unfolds for my highest and best self. Gods got this, It is done.

And so It is.


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