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ZanAffirmation: 220620 – MEDITATION


ZanAffirmation: 220620

June 20, 2022


The two letter word Om is a word of Absolute connectivity to Source Energy. In the tone of Om I feel an unyielding Presence of complete and total Love that is God in action in me as me.

There is a sweet sweet gift that comes to me each day from my MEDITATION. In this sacred space of allowing Spirit to speak to me and from me, I Am supported for the entirety of each moment in that day after MEDITATION. The silence, and I mean the complete silence in and around me during MEDITATION is the best natural medicine that keeps everything in my life on Its most precious path to more awakenings. Each new awakening that occurs within in my body temple is a map of what is for my highest and best self. I allow everything to fall away during MEDITATION as I tap into higher realms and dimensions that support my every desire here in this third dimension. At times my MEDITATION practice unfolds a newness of self awareness where I get to choose exactly how I want to behave in my humanness. Every choice I make is a stepping stone closer to knowing the totality of my greatness as the person I Am today, allowing more and more room for my own personal growth. Today in my MEDITATION I will ask this question, “What is it I need to know for this day?” As the answer comes I will lean into it and make this,the best day ever.

I consciously breath in the breath of thanksgiving listening to what is calling me deeper into more priceless gratitude knowing absolutely everything is possible because of the depth of my thanksgiving. It is done as I believe, and I believe I Am an extraordinary human being living my most extraordinary Spiritual life.

And so It is.


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