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ZanAffirmation: 220509 – ME TOO


ZanAffirmation: 220509


Always Present, Always Loving is my Creator. All of me, all of Life, is ever Knowing, and ever Creative. My inner Light shines brighter every moment of everyday as I continue to go deeper with the Divine.

When I was little I remember saying ME TOO often. I believe it was because I always wanted to do what other people were doing. Now this day, I Am keenly aware of when I state the words ME TOO, it is because I have found a common connection to something or with someone. It is such a gift when I Am unequivocally authentic in every moment of everyday. There is such a deep knowing of belonging when I say ME TOO, that just empowers my heart space, and makes me smile. I Am completely living out loud and being unstoppable every time I get excited and say ME TOO. ME TOO is a powerful statement that I claim for myself while putting more amazing energy into the Universe knowing that where my attention goes, is where the amazing things I get to experience happen. Today I will lean into, and seek new ways to get overjoyed, and excited when I say ME TOO. I always hold the space and embrace Source Energy’s response to me, as I get to enjoy new connections with new Tribe and like minded individuals, who’s vibrational energy matches my own.

When I see the glistening sun on water that goes on for miles and miles, this feels like what my thankfulness looks like. My thankfulness is a never ending glistening body of water that continues to be supplied with my never ending Love of my Life. As It is said, so It shall be.

And so It is.


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