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ZanAffirmation: 211118 – MASTER


ZanAffirmation: 211118

November 18, 2021


In this vast Universe all is well with my Soul. I Am connected to the very core and heartbeat of my world. There is a Power a Force if you will, that propels me to my highest self moment to moment and day to day. I Am literally Divinely guided to be who I have come here to be.

There is a creative force at work in me as me. I Am reminded of the quote, “I Am the MASTER of my fate, and the Captain of my Soul”. This resonates at the core level of my being. What if I Am awake enough to MASTER myself? To know exactly what I Am here to do. This is where my curiosity lies this day. Being a MASTER of myself allows all doors to open and the flow of all life’s adventures to happen daily as magic. Today I will keep seeking all the knowingness of myself, allowing the MASTERY of me to unfold in Divine alignment with what It is I Am supposed to be and do. What I know I know, and what I don’t know I Am clear that I have just forgotten. Staying steeped by being a MASTER of myself all things are not just possible they are definitely probable as they become the out picturing of all that is True.

Undeniably and unapologetically I show up as my authentic self filled with a deep sense of gratitude for exactly who and what I Am. I Am certain that my thankfulness has always been the key to unlock anything and everything that my heart desires. Such a gift my Life is and I treasure each and every moment that has been given so freely to me.

And so it is.


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