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ZanAffirmation: 220428 – LISTEN


ZanAffirmation: 220428

April 28, 2022


I Am in tune with the Creative Mind, as I Am One with this Perfect Love. As I seek, so shall I be. My alignment with Source is of the utmost importance to me now and always.

There is a desire that erupts from deep within myself to LISTEN. When I LISTEN, not just hear, I Am in alignment with my Souls purpose. My thoughtful attention when I Am actively engaged in LISTENING is like a secret passcode to unlocking all things mystical. Anytime I Am paying attention with all my senses I Am able to LISTEN in a whole new way, and have a deeper understanding of exactly what it is I want to do and who I want to be in my life. I Am a Magickal person who knows that my heart space is open wide to allow new ideas, and new ways of being into my life. By LISTENING intently to my own inner voice I allow my best and highest self to be present in all situations. This day I will take a deep dive into the Truth of who I Am and actively LISTEN, making a new personal agreement with myself that will allow me to continuously elevate my light and elevate my energy.

There is a sweetness in knowing that I Am a gracious and joyful being who expresses my gratitude in my actions and in my words. I Am in so much gratitude for showing up in life and taking care of what is most important, and today that is self care.

And so It is.


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